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Seriously. Please delete my account. Nearly everything gets deleted here.

"Specifically, some parts of it (like the girl\'s right arm and the hair on her forehead) are oversharpened, while other parts (like the area around her right hand and her boots) are, for some reason, blurry. I suggest going easier on the filters so as not to lose the quality of the scan."

Great what a picky mod. The wall was fine but the staff are just picky.

I want nothing to do with these high horse wannabe's. Delete my account and suggest getting mods who aren't such [prongs] otherwise you might have more people use the site.

But go ahead and delete half of your content over trivial matters.

merged: 07-30-2015 ~ 01:31am
Oh and please make sure to delete all old wallpapers too.

They aren't any good to the sites standards but I no longer give this site permission to host them so they'll need to be removed asap.


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Post has been removed per request.

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Monu-chan, I know you want to help, but only the staff can reply to this thread :/

Blueangel06661, sorry to say it, but I think you're overreacting a bit here. Mods don't delete submissions because they want to. They follow MT quality standards. Don't blame the mods for doing what they're supposed to do. Try to accept the criticism. Being criticized is part of being an artist.

Also, you should provide us the link to your deleted artwork. The staff can't help you if you only bring complaints and attack the mods. Wait a bit 'till the mod who deleted your artwork explains why it was deleted, before telling everybody you want your account deleted. If you don't agree with his/her explanation and you're still mad about it, the staff will delete your gallery, if you really want to.

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Hello, I'm the picky mod who deleted your wallpaper.

I gave my reasons in the PM but you are more than welcome to PM me or write in this thread if you want a more in-depth explanation on the deletion. I consider it common courtesy to give all the reasons for the deletion and answer any questions the uploader may have, out of respect for the the time they spent on the piece.

Your older wallpapers are good, hence why they stayed in the gallery. Your most recent one was overfiltered, which lead to loss of image quality.
And, like Monu-chan said, if MT didn't hold wallers to higher standards, we would be swamped with resized screenshots and MT would be no better than an image dump.

If you still want your gallery cleared, let me know tomorrow.

(For reference, the deleted wallpaper in question is this one.)

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