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Where can I find a dream?


So thought I might try some DBZ wallpaper and with my fav cannon: F. Trunks. Took a bit of a simple layout with use of smoke and city brushes with some vector effects and fire and lighting with a glows and blur effect and just trying to give it a lost hope or seeking hope feeling. I thought to try to make Trunks in color yet black and white with a simple light effect seemed to keep in a feeling. The only real color is from the flames burning the city in the skyline along with smoke filling in the air around the flames.

Sill have a feeling I need something or to rework on something, so any feed back is welcome or feed back and first time working with this size. Unsure if I should if should clear up Trunks or blend him more into the wallpaper....



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Well...the idea is nice and all but the overall execution has a lot of problems. I'm gonna list them first, followed by potential suggestions and solutions that you might consider.


- pretty much all elements you used are low quality ones - meaning, the image of Trunks, the birds, the rock, the tree etc. look very grainy, blurry and/or pixelated. Such quality issues are not accepted in a wallpaper.

- while the overall composition is not bad, the way you merged all those things simply does not make sense. Why is Trunks completely grey when everything else around him is supposed to be in color? Why is the rock and the tree completely black if it's supposed to be a sunshiny day? Where is the 'light' that's supposed to be coming from the sun above him? The sun orb you placed in the right upper corner looks out of place there. These are things that you have to pay attention to; the wall has to have some kind of cohesion and make sense color and lighting-wise.

- the background, ie. the buildings on fire also need a lot of work. Like this, it all looks like it was made in MS Paint. The buildings look way too cartoonish and the fire looks like melted plastic. The only thing that looks more or less okay is the smoke that's coming out of that fire.

Potential suggestions and solutions:

- find better quality images and brushes that aren't pixelated and grainy. Don't enlarge brushes from their original size because that just makes them pixelated and blurry, as well. Also, decide on where you want to go with this color-wise. Either Trunks and everything else remains in greyscale or monochrome or everything is in color. There is no in-between.

- go through some of the images or high quality (elite and highlighted) scenic scans/wallpapers here to get a better grasp of lighting and how various elements should work together in a wallpaper. You can check out my Basic Lighting Tutorial to get you started. Remember - you can play with a lot of various elements when it comes to abstract walls but if you make a scenic wallpaper like this - where nature and scenery play a prominent part - it has to actually look natural and make sense.

- since it seems you have trouble with making scenic elements, I would suggest to first use other images/scans that contain the images/ideas you want to use and then incorporate them into your wall. Try going through the gallery using tags like Fire and Scenic in hopes you find a good image you can use and adjust to your wallpaper. I would also suggest to learn how to vector since by vectoring you not only enhance and improve the image that's potentially low quality, but you also learn how to make things yourself by getting used to the shapes and colors that make scenic elements. Nysha has made a very good vectoring tutorial - Link - that you can check out. There are also a lot of free vectoring programs like InkScape. I also think GIMP has the option for vectoring.

You have a good eye for compositions, you just need to work on using good quality images and creating things yourself. Practice also makes perfect so keep practicing. Good luck! :)


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