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Pretty much every series is built around a message, it's the backbone of the story - and the details (like character traits and stuff) are added later to add flavor. I'd argue almost all anime is educational in one way or another. Kaleido Star, for example, is great at teaching that you have to work hard to become truly good at something, and Sailor Moon promotes teamwork and responsibility (right?)

Soo, what do you think is the best message an anime series (or manga, visual novel etc.) has?

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I think that anime, manga and visual novels good. Well if you take from the point of view of the content better than the original, manga or visual novels, as in most of the anime is an adaptation, which is not always bears a full picture of what is happening .
But we must not forget that to create as an anime and manga and novels takes a lot of time and effort) But this is my opinion, honestly for me, the main content of this or that title.

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For example at one time I loved Hakkenden 2013 years. And it was one of the few anime that has interested me so much that I'm still waiting for the release of manga chapters)And Yes, in this case the anime wins (by the way if it will play some role I was 13 years old)

What do you think?

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Ahhh Cardcaptor Sakura! It's my life savior anime and I mean it!
I've watched CCS during my family's most hard times, that incident was totally life changing for my whole family. Including me, I was only 5-6 year old that time, but you can say I've matured and understood what was happening. CCS, taught me if you smile Everything will be alright! (Sakura's phrase Zettai Daijobu dayo!).
It has been my inspiration since then. In my opinion CCS isn't just a Mahou Shoujo anime/manga, but more than that. It gives message about standing up in hard time, seeing little Sakura fighting sure gives strength. CCS has showed many Taboo relationshp as well, Yuri, Yaoi, SenseixStudent, CreatorxCreation in extremely wonderful way. It gives message that love doesn't see age/gender/origin, it just happens. Well it's quite touching for me.

Other than CCS, there is Pokemon, which gives message of not giving up, no matter how many times we lose. My stubborn nature to accomplish anything is given by Pokemon and I still adore Pokemon like I did as a child.

Little Busters! and Orange are great examply of anime showing really really touching friendship, I've literally cried watching/reading both. It makes me wonder if friends so caring like them even exists or not, but I think they do exist.

Kyou, koi wo Hajimemasu's last volumes were also inspirational, how the couple struggled to acknowledge their relationship from their parents, pursued their future plans without being all lovey dovey etc. I just love how it gives us message that love is not everything in our life, career and future plans do have important place in life.
These are few anime/manga which are in my mind right now, I'll add more after looking at my watchlist.

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