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Quote by Merc-chan,

The wallpaper you have submitted (Solitude) was removed for one or more of the following reasons:

- It was too simplistic.
- The subject was too blurry or over-filtered.
- It used screenshots or unmodified stock photos.
- It was a low-effort wallpaper.
- It was an alternate version of an existing wallpaper. Please only upload one version of a wallpaper. If you wish to display alternate versions, you may post an offsite link.
- It did not feature an anime-style image.
Minitokyo only accepts wallpapers that meet certain standards of quality. For help with making wallpapers, refer to the Art & Design Lounge and/or Sandbox.


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This is an automated message and cannot be replied.

Additional information provided by the moderator:
Looking your past works it seems you can do better, if you\'re not sure about something, please post your work in the sandbox and we\'ll help you :D

Inquiries can be made in the Deletion Complaints forum.

- It was too simplistic - It is the oposite of simplistic
-The subject was too blurry or over-filtered - also it isnt
It used screenshots or unmodified stock photos - was based on a screenshot but all wallpaper was vectorized by me and have no unmodified stock photos
- It was a low-effort wallpaper- 3 weeks vectorizing around 8 hours per day, without mention all the details that were not part of the image that i based on to vectorize
-It was an alternate version of an existing wallpaper. Please only upload one version of a wallpaper. If you wish to display alternate versions, you may post an offsite link- It is impossible since this wallpaper is my original, the original SS had all the other sailors and Usagi image was another
- It did not feature an anime-style image- It is Sailot Moon....

I consider this one of my best works, considering that was done in 2012, 4 years ago. Comparing with my recent works, of course the recent ones are much better, I wasnt a webdesigner 4 years ago, but looking to this wallpaper, without womparing with other works, it have the quality that Minitokyo requires for their works. The fact that I admit that could be better doesnt take any quality of it.

I understand that is harder to evaluate the quality of a work when you dont have the original to compare this is the original image

Kind regards,

Sara Machado




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Hello there
The main reason of your wallpaper deletion was the way it was presented. A wallpaper should have a unity in style. Your wallpaper didn't had that, solid cell shaded vector + stock clouds + those default brush cherry blossoms. The lack of unity has created a disturbing contrast.
Aside from that there is problem with shadows too (as you mentioned you're not good with them) And the thick lines of building is disturbing the depth and perspective of wallpaper. It is highly suggested to use gradient or multi-layer shading for scenic wallpapers, because it gives natural feel to the lighting.
As compared to original screenshot, you've made a few mistakes, school is on other side of road, but the way you casted the shadow of usagi either means there is a very very strong light source from front or you didn't calculate the perspective enough.
The glass of Windows have clear cut reflection of clouds, which kinda makes school building cardboard-ish/flat.

I've proposed to put your artwork in indyart section but I guess, it was made for wallpaper purpose, but sadly it didn't match the quality of Wallpaper section. I appreciate your effort nonetheless.

And like always you're really welcome to post your work in sandbox for confirmation that your art matches the quality and additional feedbacks. Trust me, as a waller myself, I've faced some deletion and it feels really bad, but now I literally laugh at my first walls.

Anyway, what does mad mean exactly? Aren't we all a little mad?
Don't we have to be somewhat mad just to go on living, to go on hoping?
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Thank you for your reply
Altho already 4 years have passed, this was my first big work, first time that i created something from almost nothing and I gave all of myself into it. I get what you mean, I look to my Suingintou wall and now I think omg how was this accepted? it is to much over filtered, suingintou right hand is disformed, the light effects on the ball are awfull, and I could keep uping this list, i will even remake that wallpaper after i finish the mirajane wallpaper that i have been doing in the last 5 days.
Honestly, I dont mind if Solitude goes to indy art. I would rather have suingitou deleted and Solituded posted no mather the category


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But it is not this day!


Restored and moved to indy art, thanks for understanding. Also thanks for your help Monu c:

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