Is it easier to work for others?

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I find it difficult to do something I don't want to do to get something I want to get.
But if something I don't want to do benefits someone else, I find it easier to do.
Now may that someone else can be someone whom I'm favouring like family, friends, or someone who's forcing me like government, society or someone who's transacting, like employers. The emotions of love in first case and subdued hatred in second case somehow help numb the pain of the work.

But this is so counterintuitive. Even if it's something that benefits me, why am I better disposed to do it only if someone else benefits from it?

I'm curious to know if this thing happens with anyone else too. So please do share.

And also I'd like to know if we could perhaps discuss what causes such behaviour, couple things I can think of:
1) Maybe it's somehow in our genes. Maybe it's evolutionarily useful to have counterintuitive a bias in favour of helping most number of people rather than just yourself.
2) Maybe it's the morals of current society which has so many entities (please use the words powerful entities instead of governments or religions in this thread) that always tell us to do things against our will that we have started finding happiness in it as a coping mechanism

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I think I agree with Comps, we will willing to work for someone because you want to.. You want to because you love it. There are so rare if we will do something for some person that we don't love. But it might defends to each person personalities.. How that person being cared and with whom they grown up will affecting their personalities and the way they think, rit?
There are some people who have big ego and will do everything only to benefits theirself, even that benefit actually are bad influence to other peps.. For example, the last real murder case I watched. The murder was a psycho, for him happiness is when he r*pe kids. He loved kids. But when the kids refused, he killed them and drank the kids blood. He did that only to gain a benefit he believed which gave him a satisfied feelings, and of course; because he loved himself than those kids.... But I begin to think he can't be count as a normal person for having a unusual habbit like that, am I being out of topic? ;-;

I guess the power of love will make you willing to do anything, if the feeling urges you to do it..

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  • Jul 07, 2017

it is really to hard to get what do uou want.

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