Tournament in Gensokyo, Part 1(Sakuya Izayoi vs Cirno)

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Cirno hovered in place in the courtyard, scanning the area as she did several times before that day. In front of her stood Koumakan, which housed a powerful youkai, or so she heard.
Her complacency was shattered as a knife grazed her hair, followed by the appearence of a grey haired maid. The two exchanged warnings and boasts, unable to convince the other to back down. Cirno was about to attack the maid, when she found herself tied to the Hakurei shrine tori.
She struggled and shouted, but to no avail. She began to cry in frustration at her situation, before sleep overtook her.
She awoke to a shaking sensation, opening her eyes to a tall and slim miko, who untied her as she inquired how she ended up like that. Cirno thought for a moment, then mumbled her explanation to the miko. The miko responded by chastising her on her recklessness, then proceeded into her shrine to make more tea. Cirno watched her disappear behind the door, before flying away.

merged: 11-23-2017 ~ 08:49pm
I may redo this part after finishing the tournament, as it is fairly short and very low on action.
Then again, Cirno is fighting Sakuya...

Rooney, you may want to include the dialogue between the characters. Like so: Cirno warned her, shouting loudly, "If you continue, my blade will pierce your heart!" Sakuya replied coldly, "You would not even come close, you unskilled farm boy!" Cirno gnashed his teeth and lunged suddenly, his blade flashing a brilliant cobalt blue.

I like what you have so far!

Most of the characters in Touhou are female.
And they often use spellcards to solve conflicts.

merged: 11-24-2017 ~ 02:16pm
And thanks for the tip.
Expect more in the near future.



just looking at the pictures

youre good rooney... what are you writing... a manga... if i can ask?

It’s a self appointed challenge.

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