Tournament in Gensokyo, Part 2(Sanae Kochiya vs Yuuka Kazami)

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Sanae wandered among the sunflower field, taking care to not damage any of the flowers there, as Suwako had been warned not to do. Several minutes passed as she searched for the ancient youkai that was said to live in this area. Sanae eventually grew tired of searching on foot, and took to the air to scan the area. As she hovered high above the field, she spotted a mansion beside the garden, and noticed a figure dressed in red exit the front door. Curious, she flew down to meet the red-clad person.
Yuuka exited her home, her parasol in hand as she prepared to wanderly idly in her garden, when a oddly dressed Miko in blue and white landed before her, quickly bowing before introducing herself and her reason for coming to Yuuka's garden. Yuuka smirked as Sanae finished her explanation, and asked her about the rules of the duel. Sanae shrugged, replying with, "I guess no killing each other"? Yuuka's reply was that Sanae not damage any flowers.
A few minutes pass as they walk to a clear area away from the garden. Yuuka walked away from Sanae, turning around and beckoning her to make the first move. Sanae leads with Esoterica "Grey Thaumaturgy", swinging her gohei in a star shaped pattern as magic bullets fly out from the points toward Yuuka. The youkai dodges slightly, the counters with "Flower Shooting". Sanae hovers away from the attack, letting the shots miss. The two continue with their current attacks until Yuuka creates a clone of herself, both version leveling their parasol's at Sanae's general direction. The miko notices the change as she backs away further, before twin blast streams erupt from the two parasol's. Sanae barely dodges, her side tail being half singed by the attack. After regaining her bearings, she devises a plan.
She flies toward Yuuka, stopping at mid range to use Great Miracle "Yasaka's Divine Wind". Yuuka waits for a moment to determine what the spellcard is, and is unimpressed at the fact that's it's just wind. Deciding to finish the duel, she attacks with Flower Sign "Reflowering of the Gensokyo", which proved to be a mistake, as the bullets became caught in the gales surrounding Sanae and flew around back to her. As the bullets light faded from colliding with Yuuka, Sanae landed, waiting for the next move from her challenge. Yuuka then catches her off guard with a flash step and a sucker punch, knocking Sanae out.
As Yuuka looked at the unconscious Sanae, she quipped "That was a nice trick, but you're too weak for now". She then walked away from the area to redress herself at her mansion.
After Yuuka's presence left, Suwako walked over to Sanae, attempting to wake her. After a few minutes, Sanae came around, noticing a familiar face.
"Owwww", the priestess said, placing her hand upon her jaw as the deity smiled oddly.
Winner: Yuuka Kazami

  • Nov 27, 2017

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