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I have A New Scanner!!!


A Recently Got a New Scanner, So I can now scan new Fresh Content. I do not wish to upload or reupload the same crap i did a long time ago, I get what the mods are saying, “Don’t Upload the same Stuff over and Over again and Don’t Edit your scans”, I understand now what I was lacking, which was quality control and lack of knowledge on scans Being uploaded before (tough there where times where I uploaded a clean aka textless version of a magazine page artwork) This Time, I have really Checked Things and Made sure that what I had wasn’t already uploaded, but there is one though that I do have in higher quality than the original, which is
Ao no Exorcist - Official Wallpaper

but I won’t do anything with it until the mods approve. Anyway what I’m saying is that I’m making sure for real that the scan hasn’t been already uploaded. I’m Doing Mostly Self Scanning With My New Scanner, If your curious Quality Wise,

I Scan Verious Anime Artworks, I Mostly Scan Tegami Bachi. Currently Waiting for my restriction to be lifted...

Scanning Art pages and More in 600 dpi, Color corrected Automatically. (I Hope Everyone understands that i won’t be reuploading any old scans or pervious uploads, thanks for your understanding
(I’m Also A Huge Fan Of Minako Shiba)

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