If you could voice an anime character.

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Hello! I was inspired to do this thread because I want to be an dub actress for anime, so I thought I'd pose the question: If you could voice a character (any character, even if it's already been dubbed or is being dubbed) who would you do and why?

Personally these are characters I'd like to voice (or have the chance to...)
Pacifica, Scrapped Princess (being dubbed) - When I first saw Scrapped Princess I really liked the character of Pacifica and found myself speaking the fan-subbed lines along with the anime because I felt that I had a voice that would suit the character of Pacifica and thought she'd be fun to act, but it's being dubbed now, so I won't get that chance.

Meroko, Full Moon wo Sagashite - I really like Meroko. She's imature most of the time but sometimes she's more mature and responsible. She's cutesy and I feel I can portray that with my voice and I identify with her obsession with Takuto. If they dub the music too, (which I wouldn't mind but would prefer they didn't) I'd be able to sing Meroko's snippets.

Mitsuki, Full Moon wo Sagashire - I don't think I'd be perfect for Mitsuki, but I don't want to sell myself short and completely write her off. Meroko would be my #1 choice for this series, but if I get Mitsuki, that would also be cool. But there's no guarantee that this series will be licensed and if it is, that I'll be ready to VA for it.

Maho, BECK - Yes, I do like these singing characters, don't I? Maho-chan is different from the others because she has attitude and is rude and crude, but she can be sweet too. I love this anime and think if they actually got good people to act and sing for it, it would rule... Like I said before, I'm pretty good at singing, but I'm Maho-quality and nowhere near Koyuki quality.

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I see myself better as dubbing bit-part or supporting characters. Part of my personality I guess (I’m more of a person to work behind the scenes). In that light, then some of my favorite roles to consider dubbing would be:

>Harry Champ from zoids. I love the whole rich kid thing he has going on. Deep down, he’s a good person; he just carried away emotionally all too quickly.

>Doctor D from ZOIDS/Chaotic Century. They say genius and insanity are breath apart – and this guy should know! Not only does he have a great character, but he is IN on everything and knows everyone.

>Nigel the butler from Bubblegum Crisis – Tokyo 2040. Nigel is so together; calm, cool, collected. Nothing gets to him, even when monsters come crashing into the house. Also, I like how his character stands by the people he cares about, but he still gives them his advice (whether they want it or not).

>Uribataki (the head mechanic) on MS Nadesico. Now this is a guy who is a genius, but does not let it go to his head (most of the time). He even has this neat scene where he sounds more like a mad scientist than a mechanic. Very cool.

>Zechs Marquis/Millardo Peacecraft from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. This guy has serious mystery going for him. AND he is the only one that gets the girl (for sure, anyway, in Endless Waltz). And he is the kind of person who willingly follows orders, up to a point. Then, he comes back to save the day, and takes off for deep space at the end? Always doing what he thinks is the right thing to do, regardless of others’ opinions. And he appears to be admired for this by friend and foe alike.

>Kurtz Weber from Full Metal Panic. I have had the chance to play a FPS game and there is no doubt – I am the sharp-shooter, NOT the hand-to-hand kind of fighter. Also, I like how Kurtz is such a smooth talker.

There are probably a dozen or so other roles that would be great to dub as well, but I am afraid I cannot think of them off-hand right now. Perhaps in a later post, I can list others……

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hmmm, i dont think i'll ever get the opportunity to be an actual voice actor, but i wouldnt mind doing Ekichi Onizuka's (Great Teacher Onizuka) voice, or Carrot Glace (Sorcerer Hunters).

but what we are planning on doing is a Fan Dub project. thas gonna be fun. we just need more voices and a decent classic anime to rip off!

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