Halo 2 on xbox live.

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Halo 2 over xbox live is very fun. it has it's same annoyances just like CS does, people calling me names because I killed them, etc. But I found I just have to get past that ... anyways.

I'm curious who else plays?

and if anyone wants to play with me or create some kind of a MiniTokyo party or even clan, add me to your friends list, name is " kniob ", which is boink backwards.


  • Dec 11, 2004

i have it too, and i agree, people do call you names...a lot. it does get annoying, if you want you could join the clan that i'm in, i have some other people i know, who are all very good at the game, and if you like winning, you should join, Dream has live too. my gamertag is demon armada, c ya round

  • Dec 12, 2004


I love Ruri


Well, if you are ready for some serious action, just search "Momiji Fujimiya", you will find a tough one waiting for you...

She is my favourite!She's so lovely!!

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