Final update for Melty Blood reAct

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It looks like the makers of Melty Blood have released a final patch for the popular PC 2D fighter. Called Melty Blood reAct Final Tuned, it updates the game to version 2.500, provides a few engine tweaks, and adds the option to use the Act Cadenza control scheme. It doesn't seem like the characters have been tweaked to be more like their AC counterparts, but it seems like none of the extra features were added.

The patch was distributed a few days ago for free in Japan on CD (it was a large patch). It can also be found floating around the internet. If I find a link to it again, I'll update it here. There's also already an update to the final patch, bringing it to 2.500a. That can be found here.

EDIT: Found a torrent for the patch, it's available here

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