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am i the only one in the anime world that thinks that this list is total bs? i mean, they have kimi ga nozumu eien and fruits basket be at the top? how can hack//sign even BE on the list?? wtf

big mike is my idol.
you all know you can only hope to be as balla as he is.
but for me, that dream will soon be a reality.
you got omfrofl1337pzwnedzxorsrox-ness. hahahahahaha


It is based on the fanbase grades, so it is still how people think about a anime serie.

  • Aug 15, 2005

True - but I also agree a bit with whatthebleh - I find it quite useless since I've discovered that I rarely agree - at least with that community ^^'


15th Division Taichou


wasnt there already a post on this? and by the same guy as well?

Fear my Zanpaku-to, 'Rengeki'!!

If i'm dodging, i won't let him cut me
If i'm protecting someone, i won't let her die
And if i'm attacking, I'll cut you!!

- Kurosaki Ichigo, Bleach

  • Aug 15, 2005

You are right the same thread same guy :o

  • Aug 15, 2005

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