Limited Gallery Item Fave...dang!

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oh men, i cant imagine my self complaining again.
but this time, i'm not that mad, esp to all mods and esp to Shequel who devised the new law

but hey! i'll be waiting for MT3

anyway, back to the topic, limited faves...i hate it actually.
and i know i'm not the only one.

you see, for me, you dont have the rights to limit a person for whatsoever he/she likes...
that is what you're doing now

besides, you're complaining about people who submits wallies to gain level, who's fault?!
i mean, you can delete that option if you want! gaining level while you submit a gallery item!
besides , what's the problem if ever you're doing your wall just to gain that stupid level you dont know what's even the purpose of...seriously, to each his own
i'm no mad!
just telling that truth

at first, i also did my wallies just to gain levels, but when one of my wallies heaps the faves more than hundred, i changed my mind.

it feels so good if you know that more than a hundred MT member loved you work.
with the newly devised law, how will you know how many people really loved your work
if they are limited to express their feelings?

i hope you guys do understand my point.

that's all for now.



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If you're thinking of levelling up, try RO instead.

If you're walling just for the sake gaining popularity, try DA.

End of.


Quote by white-zeroIf you're thinking of levelling up, try RO instead.
If you're walling just for the sake gaining popularity, try DA.End of.


that's so funny!
yeah you're right!

but its harder to level up in RO!
and besides, the hghest level you can gain is 99, then, then?!

hehe! :)

i love your comment...


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Uhm as whitezero said. Plus, there another thread here on this. Not that it will be of any help, but hey, if you want you can post there


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