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well i reckon this is the complaint section right? so i have a few things to put there ^_^

-i think it'd be a good idea to re-implement the code that allowed the name of the image / artist to be displayed when having the cursor over it, i think it's a good feature.

-there should be a new FAQ written, or maybe a new noob bible which would be descripting the changes of MT3 (i'm ready to help in that part, and i think it'll be quite extensive.)

-where is the report button for the forum threads?

and so on.... i know you guys are busy fixing the bugs, but i'm sure it'll help a lot to have some things explained first.. XP
but thx for this new version, i think it's great when you overcome the first shock ^_^

  • Oct 27, 2005


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Quote by Anjhurinwell i reckon this is the complaint section right? so i have a few things to put there ^_^

This actually isn't the complaint section. The Lamentations forum is for rants about how terribly life is treating you. If you have complaints about Minitokyo, those should go to the Minitokyo Discussion forum. Bugs should go to Bug Reports.

Hope that helps!

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