nekosasu's dark blue skin

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chibi ningen no baka ~desu


oiisu minna~ ^^

it's been a long time since i did something on this page... haaa mt3... neways.
since a few menue colors still aren't customizable and my old futakoi skin bored me out, i simply created a new one. darker, and cleaner. well that's about everything to say about it lol

one thing though, menue/table header pics still are quite bleh, need to work on them tomorrow maybe

oh now that i think of it, i put my name on the skin, so... hmm... if anyone wants to use it but wants to see his/her nick instead of mine there, just ask me. i might put your name instead (i'd credit myself somewhere on the skin though, ne XD)

allright. that's all, i hope you'll enjoy this skin. feedback always is welcome :) arigatou
keep genki!


ps: and i might finish my (insert random number here) walls someday, so i could finally submit something after so much idling... but then again i need to make a new sig x_x argh so busy/lazy

great, posting info about my userpage and not putting a link to it, wooooo >_> (there's always my sig image link though :P)

ps3: LAST ONE NOW. how come the very thin slices below aren't repeated...? unfixed bug or what

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