Ur Fav Jungle Character?

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Who is ur fav character?

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I just started watching Jungle a few months ago and fell in love with this anime instantly. The story is really funny and each character is special and unique or rather weird in some way. :D

Some of the characters that I really like are Guu, Hale, Asio, Bel, Robert and Clive. As to my fav, it will be Hale. Some of you might wonder why coz Guu is really funny but I really enjoy watching Hale surviving with Guu causing troubles for him and taking care of his mom watching out for Guu.

Although I really pity him ^_^'.

  • Nov 23, 2005



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another superlative versus thread or "i like this character" thread.
forum policy in MT is that you do NOT make threads like this as they seldom generate meaningful discussions other than answers...like"i like this chara or that chara" or "this chara is cool or that one not cool"
please read forum guidelines before making new threads.

perhaps you should consider what sort of series this is and add content and meaning to what you are discussing of the anime in question.
That is why this is the in-depth discussion. discuss the series instead of character versus characters or who you like best of who you think is best and so on.

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