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This is a wallpaper that didn't make the cut -- not because I didn't like it, but because I spun it off into this:


And this:


I wanted to post this however, despite it being so similar to the others. But not to the gallery.

My monitor is a high quality CRT EB III 22", but I keep the brightness very dim and contrast high to be easy on my eyes, and I only test these images out on an LCD now and then which isn't any good for color/contrast issues.

So I'm curious as to whether other viewers find my wallpapers colors/contrast OK?

And I wonder, should I have kept the white angel wings I used in this image instead of the ones that came with the character?

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Hmm. Second try at posting the wall visibly on the thread. This time no spaces in filename..


Well if this doesn't work I don't know how to do it. :)


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lol. the img should be in capitals, and square bracketed

(IMG)link here(/IMG)

only square brackets ;)

The wallpaper of yours (not submitted) - the colours are fine. Usually if it looks fine on your desktop, there should be no reason for it to look bad on other people's desktops- that's general rule of thumb (ie. descriptions like "the colours might be funny because I got a new screen" is just like saying "you have something wrong with your eyes") - that's what I believe in anyway :) There should be not too much of a difference in other people's screens cept for brightness.

Okay onto the wall.

The extraction is still a little jagged in bits... it was probably a white background scan and you used the magic wand to extract. There are still some jagged bits... but you could fix that easily with the pentool or if careful a hard edged eraser.

Overall I would have to say that the characters are a bit small for the overall huge background and I would only use one or the other - the angel, or the little group (because they are completely different ideas... no need to put them in together... messes the composition a bit ;) )

Uhmm... as for the wings... either are fine, but the white ones you used look too transparent and the quality is a bit low (looks like a brush to me... but I don't know) - if they were solid, and looked like the original scan style, that should be much better :)

Another thing is the windows are a little harsh coloured compared to the scans and stuff (skies namely) so that can be softened a bit (probably a lighter colour will do).

So your colours are fine, don't worry about them :)

Cheers :D

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Thank you for the comments. :)

I like the crisp feeling to the image. I wasn't certain if I wanted to blur the edges more or not, I did a lot of erasing that way and could have done a little more perhaps I should have. I think it may be too crisp but then maybe not, it's an interesting effect.

I'm glad it seems the colors are coming through. The characters are small and understated, but their expressions and eye colors are very appealing. I like the subtle coloring they have, rather like Monochrome.

About the wings, I see what you mean. I wasn't sure I wanted to keep the brush and work with it or get rid of it (which I did as it was too distracting in the other background). I was thinking of making the entire character ghostly, but the contrast between wings and character then didn't work that way. :)

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