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i have nfi whats happening recently but wtf is with the recent wave of australias overseas drug problems, Schappelle corby, michelle leslie, Nyugen etc...
when schappelle got caught with heaps of weed in her surf bag when she was going to bali for a surf trip, she was on the media for ages, her father was a bit of a druggy and i think the brother was, i was hoping shed be executed for being so stupid, and michelle leslie got caught with 2 ecstacy tablets, served 3 months and used the islam religion to gain favour, the media spammed our newspapers with crap about her, who the hell cares, i think she should be executed aswell - and when these two dont have make up on they arent even good looking, why so much media attention!?
and the Bali nine, i hope they just die, except for andrew chan (andrew chan went to my school - gangster)
Nguyen Tuong Van was caught last year, with heaps of cocaine, he only scratched the media surface, and only until now he is the medias attention, he was honest, he admitted he took an offer to pay debts for his brothers drug addiction, i think they should just jail him instead of hanging him, they are now trying to get an appeal to let his mother hug him before he is hanged.
and there are heaps of other minor/major events that barely scratch the media surface.
any other countries got major problems with this? and the unbalanced media coverage of this? share/discuss?


  • Nov 29, 2005

Chapelle Corby: Silly, has a shady background that the media failed to represent...i couldnt give a rats.
Michelle lesie: Deserves no sympathy wat so ever. She is just covered by the news because she is pretty. When many died over seas in an earthquake the first news bulliten on channel 9/7 was of leslie saying 'oh my there are cockroaches in the toilet all i can do now is think about is my million dollar fiance'...and says australia didnt give her enough support...she is just spoilt...silly girl.
There was a Renae someone too...she was not publisied as much coz she wasnt mainstream. I felt a tad sympathetic.
As for Van Nguyen, i feel somewhat sorry...he shouldnt die...but he should have thought of the consequences and policies of singapore b4 carring the drugs, he knew it was risky...and if he wanted to help out his brother, he should have done something less illigal!
The media coverage is stupid. Offcourse they have to select detail and appeal to the audience. But the portrayal of Chapelle and Michelle was far to prioritised.



Well, the United States has a drug traffic problem from Mexico, which is also one of the problems that illegal immigration is a problem. If they can get through, so can drug runners. Most of the illegal drugs that are in the United States originated in South America, and with the new illegal immigration reform being implemented by the Bush administration, we should see a reduction in drug traffic. We can only hope for the best, now...

  • Nov 29, 2005



Super Natty


Wow that was a brutal introduction. I hope that not all people will be judged by you.

I think Australians have been in the news a lot lately because they are specifically being targeted. Ms Corby just may be innocent I think and coincidentally they have been doing stings on the baggage handlers at Sydney airport and finding lots of facts that back up her story beautifully. I think what she did was too blatant to ever be seen as the crime it was mistaken for. It was supposed to be removed from her luggage at Sydney and distributed without her ever knowing it had happened. I think it's too easy to judge these situations without a lot more knowledge of the facts than we get.

  • Nov 30, 2005


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I think the actions of the singapore government are absolutely disgusting. One of the biggest differences between schapelle and michelle vs nguyen is that his drugs were incoming, not outgoing. The fact that he was caught in singapore is just an accident and they had no intention of ever being there, schapelle is suspicious but controversal and i'm not going to make judgement.

Michelle was just pathetic, she's a stupid model with a rich boyfriend. She was taking the drugs in the country and got caught in the country and should be punished by the country, within reason. Unfortunately the country doesn't have strong courts and her rich boyfriends daddy managed to buy her out. Was got my laughing is the media statement she made.....where she read of a piece of paper a statement that she obviously had no idea what it meant and couldn't even pronounce half the words on it.

Nguyen i just feel sorry for. He was forced into something over his head, it was a first offence (not just for drugs but for anything), it was probably going to be his only ever offence. He wasn't doing it for personal gain and the drugs weren't meant for singapore, they were bound for Australia. The fact that the singapore government was punishing him was silly but understandable but the fact that they can so selfishly and so stupidly condemn someone from another country to death...... I for one regretfully hold a grudge against singapore now , not as a race of people but as a country and government (i don't want to but i guess it's in my nature).

The death sentence should not be carried out at all, let alone on foreigners. He deserved some time i agree, even Saddam i think deserves to be locked in a cramped cell and kept alive until a very very old age, rather than being killed. But when you carry out a death sentence, how can you turn back. IF they sentenced schapelle to death and then discovered she was innocent what can you do to fix that. Human nature itself is very pathetic and selfish and it's up to us to move away from this typical human nature, rather than be reduced to savages, and i dont just mean singapore because their in place of every state of every country.

"Do upon others as they would do upon you......except do it sooner, more often and better! "


when u enter another country
singapore dont spare drug deelers then htat the law. i (an australian) find it offecive the coveruge in the media for 2 reasons

1. metaphoricly speaking, when the bali bomber got executed people were dancing in the streets. well they acepted it, no unhappy reactions.

2. i think mainstreem australia is either stupid or a wanabe imperialist power.... its basicly saying we disagree with the death sentence therfore you much change it. i mean WTF

there is a thing called repect of severoun nations. ask them not to but dont say sh*t like were gona ban singaporee flight in oz and trade imbargo.
(yes the trade unions are actually saying that)

a death sentence is a DETERENT to people traficing. esp a country so neer the golden triangle.

its not australian law but singaporian law. we'll see if in a week media will care about the next person to die in USA or singapore.
-------------------------------(...) now ive finished my rant.

be pessimistic so that youll never be disapointed and will live a happy life.

  • Dec 02, 2005

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