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:D Hey everyone! We're updating the Deviants page and setting up a proper Moderation system. :)
So, here's the update dealy!

Just so everyone knows, you now have 3 Mods/Admin to contact if things are going awry.

The 2 Admin are, myself, Hishou and Suejean; your Mod is Zephryn.
From here on in, all Admin names will be in Bold and all Mod names in Italics, fyi.

In addition, we're cooking up a Club contest for Skinning MT -- so be on the look out! :D

OK, in the way of membership, now when everyone joins they'll have a complimentary PM sent and will be asked to reply with the link to their devART page, because it's been difficult for us to keep up with the Guestbook style of URL notification. :)

Right now we're going throughout the Deviants stuff to rearrange to Member's List since there are now 33 total members! :) Yay us! ^_^'

As said on the Group page, if your name's below, we don't have a link to your devART page with your MT name.
Please contact an Admin so we can get you setup properly. :)

Those whose links are missing:
angeliclayer, BerzerkerOr, bevy-chan, DarkFairy, eijisan, FafnerRELOADED, Komikron, Nisna, panda29, paulatoledo, sdz, shadowplaygirleko, timelapse

OK, so that's all for this update! :)
Stay devious....

Need help? Double-check the FAQ before you thread. ^_~ *hint-hint*
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