reported to police just cause she said"ill Fu**en kill u?"

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me and my friend make layouts for xanga and this chick jocked my friends layout this chick has histories means its not her first time jocking i run a jocker alert site first she said she was gonna sue me for posting her name and now she said shes going to report Yuna for making death thread just cause she wrote.

[[here is a comment what my friend wrote.]]

Posted 12/3/2005 at 6:37 PM by Yuna

here is the main parts dont read it if ur not interest in it cause it long but its only like half of the conversation >.>

Yuna my friend
Valor = that jocking chicks boyfriend
Ashley = jocker/thief

Quote: u took layoutgurls layout im not sure if u edit it or not i can view the layout code ur using now its a common trick and i see layoutgurls signatures in the layout theres no way of denying it and u jocked anime_layouts_123's layout after she disclose u of jocking then u changed to layoutgurls layout and didnt give credit its not call making a layout when u take someones layout style sheet and edit it and not everyone got their codes from and isnt the only site that provides layout tutorial there MUST be someone that actually provide and make layout tutorial since its call tutorial then its not call jocking if we use it cause the meaning of layout tutorial is actually for people to learn how to make layouts layoutgurls are my friends i know every single signatures on their layouts and i see them on ur site and i am sure layoutgurls did not get their layout tutorial from and they dont provide tutorial even if they do how come layoutgurls signatures are on ur site? that mean ur a liar go ahead sue ME if u want i have enough proof that u jocked their layouts and once again i dont need to convince u i saw the solid proof i have enough equipments to identify who is jocking i believe what i see i dont believe words


Posted 12/3/2005 at 1:27 PM by Me

Quote: this is Tenshi from xxxxxxx

i have to clarify that animexlayxwallxofxshame is mainly examine and verify jockers we have the latest equipments experience and technical know how to compare the layouts and decide who is the jocker then we post the name on our list and inform the layout makers however we DO NOT take any responsibilty for the actions and comments from other layout makers the dispute between you and final_fantasy_crazy aka anime_layouts_123 has nothing to do with us so the comment u sent to the wall of shame was POINTLESS and it also shows ur ignorants this is a FACT that u are a jocker u jocked layoutgurls layout and anime_layouts_123 u cannot deny that.

Comment from Tenshi represent everyone of xxxxxxx

Quote: Just to let you know, a death threat (even over the internet) is a F-E-L-O-N-Y. So yes, police can certainly become involved in this. And they will be. I have already made the decision even though Distressed_Angel wanted to let it go. Her xanga WILL be shut down and there WILL be a police investigation. I honestly don't care if she is your little cousin. Maybe you should teach her the value of common curtesy. I think that having a felony on her record at this age in her life will suffice.

For those of you who need clarification. The police report was not filed because of her spamming. Nor was it the obscenities that have come from her mouth. It filed because she threatened to KILL someone. Do you little girls not get this? You can't make a death threat over the internet! It is the exact same thing as if you were to do it to somebody's face.

So I hope that you little girls are satisfied. Nothing was jocked from you SweetxLayouts. And just so you know, four other people have claimed that the layout that was 'jocked' from you was 'jocked' from them. So the probably thing to propose here is that something is messed up. Obviously, Ash did not get her layout from you. And now you have a bunch of 12 year old girls who aren't mature enough to realize that a death threat is illegal involved in this.

So, the police report has already been filed. And xanga has been notified of anyone who has posted on Ashly's xanga and either 1. used profanity 2. spammed 3. made threats. These people will most likely lose their xanga sites and be banned from the site all together. For those of you who are angry about this...look at the site rules. Memorize them.
Posted 12/7/2005 at 8:41 PM by Valor

Quote: yea ill get f*ken arrested for something i didnt mean i was just mad at the moment. im really am sorry but i guess it really doesnt matter...i didnt really mean it that way...i wanted to say this to Ashley before but since she blocked me and everything i couldnt say it, but its too late now and ill get a criminal record and ill rpobably end up doing something like killing myself or something cuz if i do evd up getting a criminal record or something, my parents will hate me and make my life miserable and ill get kicked out of my school and sh*t....holy sh*t im really crying now...i dont care if u really dont care that im saying this but i just wanted tot ell u that i really truly didnt mean to offend u or ur can u just tell her that im really sorry and now i really dont care that u filed a police report anymore
Posted 12/7/2005 at 10:09 PM by Yuna

Quote: 1.she cant shut down her site

2. we aint 12

3. our sites will not be shutdown

dont be silly if the police is gonna investigate then she cannot shut down her site since its involved with so many people if she shut down her site then its erasing evidence and interfere the police investigation but whatever i have already taken the proof that she had jocked the layouts

how do u know xanga has been notified of anyone who has posted on Ashley's xanga u dont know the whole in and out about this thing so u better shut up so far none of my sites are shut down nor did i get a notifictaion about shutting down my site after all i only replied her comments and commented about her stupid behaviours and actions what i see is another dumb OX joining the dispute do u think xanga is stupid enough to just shut down our site without investigation?

Posted 12/8/2005 at 12:08 PM by Me

Quote: I am not going to debate this with you. Right now Ashley and I are going through the neccisary processes with both our local state police department as well as our contact on xanga. They will decide what to do in each given situation. Either way, once it is all taken care of Ashley is giong to shut down her site. But until'll just have to wait. Posted 12/9/2005 at 8:07 PM by Valor


dumb@ss u either out of ur mind or ur brain is in ur ass u exaggerate the whole thing we are all minors and it is all about girls arguments and confrontation who do u think Ashley is? george bush's daughter? ur wasting the local police's time effort and money what is the motion of dead threat? theres none the only possible reason is Ashley steal and stealing is also a crime even though u post this comment on ur own site we can still consider as harrassment and abuse what ur doing to us is emotional threatening it hurts our morale and spirit we can file a civil lawsuit that u hurt "us" go ahead report us to the police im sure they'll kick ur bloody ass after all what u and angel are saying are 1 side stories i'll copy everything and if you really protect ur little ashley teach her dont be a thief may i remind u the layout ur using now is also jocked this is also a crime dumb@ss

Posted 12/10/2005 at 1:02 AM by Me

its not finish yet we're still just curious cause i dont really know about US's laws that much so i think their comment are pretty lame..

  • Dec 10, 2005



The 3rd one, tween the 2nd n 4th


I'm assuming jocking is jacking..

First off, anyone under 18 in the u.s. pretty much can't get a felony, i think the only way for a minor to get a felony charge is for something serious.

Second, due to privacy laws, the cops can't find out who exactly your friend is through the site unless her name n whatnot are public

Lastly, the cops in question are local cops, so unless your friend lives wherever those others are, the cops have no jurisdiction. I highly doubt interpol or anyone with the jurisdiction would care about such things

And death threats are illiegal, but this was through the internet so i don't know if the same laws apply, if they did, all the flamers i've seen would be in jail by now

Kids these days... taking love too seriously, shouldn't be worryin about love til they're at LEAST 11 years old



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Not that i have much to say....I think this is a case of a copyright problem, and then somebody accuses you and your girlfriend of that and then there was a death threat from a girl who is very young, and you have made a police report based on that death threat is that it? (you really got to add commas and pauses to your sentences...i find it hard to read)

I assume that jocking is a form of copyright infringement? if so, there is still really no such thing that can be applied on the net for a death threat by a young person below the years of 18.

Also, since the internet is a huge community place, it is not exactly possible to catch hold of a certain individual based on the net and since most sites allowed freedom of speech, it will not exactly bear any more than a abusive language than just flamerism. This cannot be comparable to real life death threats which can affect dramatically on a person's personal life. Unless it is real through the phone, the person within the range of personal contact, otherwise I am sure there is no way to fully charge this young underage person for felony. (also under-age is not applicable as i know)

The other thing is that basically this has no ground for a court case if there is need for sueing, as internet details can be constantly altered and changed by any means, there will be no proof of such regarding what she may have said, and I am sure out of rage, people do say things sometimes, so i think there is really no need to be sueing this person for a death threat over the net. (the police jurisdiction as well applies, if a person over the net stays outside of the US, it would not apply to sue the person according to US laws, which unless I am wrong, this applies to Military standards only that you can sue a person overseas for something more important than a death threat. )

I think this is rather extreme isn't it, reporting a death threat from someone on the net is not really all that necessary i believe, or for the fact the person who said this probably delusional from the anger, it will pass, but overall, i think this is rather extreme and there was no need to go through such things.

Perhaps you can clarify further so that i may fully understand what is going on?
Sorry for my useless reply in a way, I will reread this passage once more.

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Seriously I already told this girl the same thing char... and that dude valor was getting on my nerves. Him and his little girlfriend Ashley or whatever her name is seriously need to take the pipe out of their @$$! Because the governemt isn't going to waste their time attempting to investigate something so petty as this.. seriously the chances of what's her face actually acting out the death threat that she made are 0-none.. the local police in anywhere you go are too busy dealing with REAL criminals and REAL cases and REAL SERIOUS situations to be dealing with something so stupid and so petty such as this. Besides all of us are under 18 so like Devildude said, Yuna can't get charged for felony so it really doesn't matter what Valor says.. besides him and his girlfriend bore me, you and Tina with useless comments that are a total waste of time to even write because technically HE'S the one doing the threatening.. not yuna.. and once again like Devildude said, Yuna lives nowhere near them so how would it be possible for Valor to even waste his time writing a bunch of stupid pointless sh*t? well i already know the whole story anyways because I was there so =P lol but yeah seriously.. you know what, I don't even think that him and his gf are 17 or however old they are because if they were as mature as they pretend to be, they shouldn't be making such a big issue out of something so ridiculous as this... seriously if i was u, i woulda been laughing in their faces because u cant sue someone over the net.. at least not for something so tiny as this.. this is all petty bullsh*t ...

and besides, ashley's just a little emo b*tch who seriously needs a life because I read her 1st post on her xanga and all she does is complain about her life and all the sh*t thats happened in it and how she "supposedly" got raped and crap.. god shes an attention wh*ore.. lol.. aside from personal feelings, valor and her seriously deserve to die together.. really, we shouldn't be wasting our time with something so stupid as this.. we need to step on them and be like "You know what, you're being immature I'm not the one who's 'supposedly' crying to the police all because someone made a death threat out of anger.. GROW THE F*CK UP!" and be done with it because there is no need to waste time on a petty immature situation such as this.. its useless and a total waste of our lives..

merged: 12-19-2005 ~ 05:34pm
besides if i know yuna, she can be pretty sarcastic sometimes.. i dont think her little "death threat" was literal anyways

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