top moments of anime in 2005

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Since a new year it's about to start, I felt inspired to make this thread. The theme is really simple. You must say which moment in any anime that came out this year fits better for the next categories:

the coolest
the most awful
the most dramatic
the creepiest
the cutest
the sexier
the weirdest
the most cliched

You can name something that happened in an episode or you can just name the anime if you think it fits with the respective category. You can also name OVAs and movies. Well, I hope you find this interesting enough to participate on it.

I hope 2006 becomes a happy year for all of you.

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the coolest: Bleach, when Ichigo reaches the Shrine of Penitance where Rukia is being crucified...and then Ukitake and Kyouraku-Taichos come to the help, and Renji too.
another cool thing is Ichigo/Hollow Ichigo VS. Kuchiki Byakuya ^_^...that was an awesome fight to the end!

the most aweful: i dunno...
the most dramatic: that might sound weird, but in Naruto, when Sasuke and Naruto fight, and the fight concludes, where Naruto almost dies...and Sasuke goes to be evil.

the creepiest: Bleach, when Aizen-Taicho turns out to be the evilest one in Bleach!

the cutest: ~_~ not for me to say...
the sexiest: now that's alot of people to think of :nya: loool
the weirdest: i've RE-watched Serial Experiments Lain twice this year...and still, i really don't get the plot!

the most cliched: :hmpf: nani kore?

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the coolest: i guess it shld be bleach... i was quite impressed esp since i'm not someone who likes to watch action anime.

the most awful: 2x2 shinobuden? it's horrid. simply horrid!

the most dramatic: erm.. bleach again? because well... it's really so! & i had thought the anime will only be a 26 episodes, thinking it'll end once they rescue rukia. well i'm wrong!

the creepiest: can't think of any... hellsing? is that from this year?

the cutest: erm... hmm! pita ten? is it from this year too? & bottle fairy!

the sexier: hmmm.... none that i can think of...

the weirdest: GSD! it's kinda messy with such a messy plot... & school rumble. i mean karasuma is a kappa?!?!

the most cliched: futakoi... erm.. somehow these lots of girls fighting for the attention of one guy is wearing off me... it's quite irritating too..


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the coolest: the ending to Samurai Champloo that just ended to cool

the most awful: can't think

the most dramatic: oh my god hands down this one goes to AIR!

the most creepiest: again can't think

the cutest: oh yeah that one goes to DearS yeah Rin

the sexier: man hands down that one goes to Kirie from Girls Bravo

the weirdest: yeah I'm saying Elfen Lied there was some weird moments

the most cliched: can't think

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  • Dec 31, 2005

i have one answer to all of them:

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  • Dec 31, 2005

The coolest: Samurai Champloo, sword action in that anime is swift and crazy man.

The most awful: Bo-Bobo-Bo-Bobo, wtf, I think that is pure stupid anime because the story makes no sense and the characters are really retarded.

The most dramatic: Ghost in the Shell, many people probably think it's a boring show, but I consider it a very interesting thing about advanced AI in the future and how Section 9 try to stop cyber terrorsim from society.

The most creepiest: Paranoia Agent, this show was not only funny with the boy with the golden bat swing at people's heads, but it was very suspensful of who did it.

The most cutest: Milk Chan from Super Milk Chan, man that little girl is so cute and crazy at the same time.

The sexiest: For guys, Tamaki from To Heart 2. and for girls. I think the name is Ichigo from Bleach. Tamaki has a very nice body and I like tall girl like that. For girls, Ichigo would be good for y'all.

The weirdest: Bibile Black, the black magic is weird and the sex is weirder but very interesting.

The most cliched: what?

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