ANGEL SANCTUARY [Kate Beckinsale & Alexiel]

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as an angel sanctuary fan myself, after watching VAN HELSING, i noticed Kate Beckinsale's character ( Anna Valerius) REALLY LOOKS LIKE alexiel! the clothes and hair and everything. does anyone else think so?

also , the love relations are quite similar as well. Since Kate/Anna is Alexiel, then that means Setsuna is there too. as for Sara, she is Gabriel and the character Hugh Jackson plays is God's left hand/right hand? man, Gabriel as well. Setsuna & Sara r a couple. and in the movie Gabriel and Anna r a couple too. Isn't that strange...?

here r some pics for reference

and here's alexiel


AAAHHHHHUUUMMMMM sure okay...but then you have to remember love that in Hollywood they can make anyone look like anyone. Now before we go and put ideas into peoples heads about thinking that it would be a good idea to Live Action-ize Angel Sanctuary I'll go a head and knock on wood *knock knock knock* I do love though how you furthered my belief that everything is connected and that the universe and all of its dimensions and realms there in exist as a huge circle. Lives are connected to lives and people are connected...well you get the idea. ;)

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