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Since it now the new year, new versions of the various internet security suites have emerged.
- Norton seems to be preloaded on Dell machines and appears to be endorsed/recommended by Best Buy.
- I haven't heard much about McAfee, but it appears to still be a solid application.
- I understand that Computer Associates' eTrust is the brand used internally by MS, so there has to be something there. Unless MS owns CA, of course.
- One of the guys at Best Buy discretely pointed me toward MicroTrend, saying that it is what he used.

So two questions:
What suite, or parts/portions thereof (anti-virus, firewall, spam filter, etc), do you use?
Where can I find a good point-for-point comparison between the various versions?

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I would recommend looking at things seperately based on function; "jack of all trades, master of none" applies here.

A hardware firewall is your best protection against incoming attacks from worms and other scans. Most home routers have hardware firewalls built into them. They are also far less annoying since they don't stop nearly as much legitimate traffic.

I prefer using a variety of free anti-spyware tools since the paid ones are normally crap or spyware themselves. My personal favorites are ad-aware and spybot search and destroy. The MS tool is supposedly good since they bought out the top anti-spyware company (at the time).

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Getting a router to take care of your firewall issues while keeping your computer free of internet security software makes it a lot easier. You would just need an Anti-Virus Program and a few spyware programs to keep your computer clean.

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  • Jan 23, 2006



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The Symantec Suite seems to install a root kit :(

I did some testing last year, and the most complete suite in my opinion was the Checkpoint Zonae Alarm Security-thingy.

It costs a bit less than the Symantec one, and has all the features like: the Zonealarm Application Layer Firewall, Antivirus, AntiSpam, etc. ... doesn't make a descent coffee though :(

...but it takes less resources than the symantec suite, which is good for your box :)

  • Jan 23, 2006

Symantec = bloatware period

use something like nod32 if you want to make sure everything is clean, and I totally agree about adaware and spybot, crapcleaner is another good one too. Oh another good tip is to turn off system restore..things like to hide in there.

Rather than base you security software on some consumer site, go and see what the "computer nerds" use on their boxes, there are a lot of pc forums out there.

better yet ditch windoze and install linux!


Norton Internet Security was rated as 6 on a 10 point scale...

the first link was for Internet Security Suite

this last link is rating about internet has more stuff that you are looking for..hope that helps..

  • Jan 27, 2006




I go for the totally free option, which is Zone Alarm for firewall protection and AVG anti-virus. This is enough to keep out most baddies. Maybe Spybot Search and Destroy if you think something is fishy. Be warned that zone alarm will bog down your computer just like any other firewall. I like AVG over Norton, because it doesn't slow down your computer as much and sometimes finds more viruses.

  • Jan 28, 2006

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