Soukyu no fafner ~Right of left~

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I heard Soukyu no fafner will launch a new series called "Soukyuu no Fafner ~Right of Left~"

I got some info from this site:

I heard from my friend that this anime will tell you the story before "Soukyuu no Fafner" series.



The Chaos Mod


aww I really wanted to watch this series but never got to finish it but that sounds cool......

  • Feb 05, 2006


wandering dreams...


well, its actually more like one really long episode instead of a series, a bit over an hour if i recall. its already out in japanese, and some people have already subbed it. i've already watched it, and its pretty good ^^


gazing up in ebon skies,
I hear the darkness call

admiring the cool warmth
of its radiance,

seeing the weak light wane
through the glass window.

holding my hand up
to the moonlight,

a pale silhouette
contrasts the shadows.

it is here that it shall rise.


who are the main characters? i wana noe.....if this is the series b4 soukyuu no fafner then was kazuki and maya and soushi born yet?

  • Jun 07, 2006

wow! this is indeed a reat news! Fafner is my of one my favorite mecha anime.

but i wanna see more of the old char, but the older guys is also fine too

  • Jun 08, 2006

Seen the show. Its more like for before soukyuu no fafner the series.

  • Dec 07, 2006

right of left was awesome, i mean if you want large battles then it isnt the anime for you but the emotional depth that is has much like fafer is great. from the start of the special you know that ryou and yumi are going to die so it is really sad to watch then struggle like they do and watch them also fall in love

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