Lyrical Nanoha/A's -> Evolution in Magical-Girl action? ^^

What do YOU think of the action in this anime?

Excellent; I'd like more of this kind in the future
4 votes
Great, but no need for more shows like this
0 votes
Just avarage. I don't really care either way
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Bad. I hope this kind of action won't be popular
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I've seen Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.

At first I thought it was gonna be an avarage magical-girl anime (which can be good). But after some episodes I was surprised. Why?
Beacause the magical duels. They really impressed me!

In mg series I've never seen 'real' action, I mean action which is excellent in every aspects. It amazed me how fluid the animation was, how spectacular the effects were, not to mention the heated batles.

I think these kind of action in mahou-shoujo anime might be a stepstone for future mahou-shoujo action.

But if it were the only mg series which has this action, I wouldn't mind it.
Maybe a 3rd season would be good.

Please write you opinions.


  • Feb 08, 2006

Excellent...First season was perfect,I think that's will be something like Card Captor Sakura but it was much more beautiful,there more action.
About second season IMHO it's worst from first,there too much magic duels and little time for characters feelings.

They're going make third season?
i was thinking that's the end.

I'm only noise on the wires (c) Lain


I only said it would be good if they made a 3rd season, though i dont think they will :(
I liked the 1st srason just a bit more, but I wasn't disappointed in the second season either, because that was good too ^^

  • Feb 08, 2006

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