In wich order are the Rozen Maiden Dolls made?

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Hi everyone,

I don't know if someone already ask this question, if someone already did, I'm sorry for bothering you! :(

But does someone know in what order the Rozen Maiden dolls are made?

I know that Shinku is number 5. And BaraSuishou is the last doll, so she is number 7. And if i rember right SuiseiSeki said that she was the oldest of the twins.

I have a picture were the order is:
1-SuiginTou (That's the doll with the black wings, white/grey hair, and puple/black dress)
2-Kanaria (That's the doll with the grey hair, a violin, and yellow with orange clothes.)
3-SuiseiSeki (That's the doll with the brown hair, the green dress, and the watering can)
4-SouseiSeki (That's the bitt Tomboy doll, with the brown hair, blue clothes an scissors)
5-Shinku (That's the doll with the blond hait and the red dress)
6-HinaIchigo (That's the doll with the blond hair and the pink clothes)
7-Barasuishou (That's the doll with the white/lavender hair and the lavender clothes.)

But that Kanaria older is than the most dolls, well she seems so immature to me.

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