"I lied that I lie." Have you done this?

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Ok ok. The subject seems weird but I guess that I did this lotsa times with my friends. How to lie that you lie? Simple! Only three steps will be observed.

1- Tell your friend something true.
2- Say to him/her that you were just joking.
3- After a few minutes, say to him/her that it was actually the truth.

Mahahahaha! This actually not wrong cuz when you do this three steps, you are not lying at all! Its fun to see friends saying 'Which one is it!' and getting angry.

When he/she said 'You are lying!' Just answer; 'I told you the truth from the begining. A little twist wont make a difference.' Hehe.

If you have a very bad moody friend, do not try this to him/her. You could lose he/her forever.

My friend was very cool and now that she know me too well. 'Tell me the truth or I'll spank you!' LOL.

You can do this only twice per person. The third time wasn't that fun. And only cool person is to be pick. Do not play this on a very serious topic such as region, family or important things. Even I hate it to have someone like that.

'Hey, God does exist. I'm joking. Nah I was not.'
'Your mom's so fat. I was joking. Nah I was not.'
This is a serious no! Lying that you lie on a stuff like this would make a very serious trouble and hope you guys will be warm enough to take this Warning. OKAY!


Lolz i do this all the time haha.
In the end they dont believe the truth hehehe..
I never get in trouble for it coz well..i dont insult people..or the people are gullable and i tell another lie to get out of trouble.
But it gets confusing sometimes coz well i dont remember or realise what i say...



hmm.. i bet that's how someone can get their a** kicked at the playground...

Alas, a new life is created;
never knowing its challenges;
Facing it with no words learnt;
we were all the same at this stage

  • Feb 16, 2006

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