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I'm looking for the info on the tracks (BG music) which played during the battles in Phase 50, GSD. The tracks in question are the ones that played during the following scenes:

(i) when Yzak came to Athrun's help i.e. shooting the missiles from hitting METEOR. IIRC, the same music also played when Kira & Athrun destroyed the Requeim relay stations;

(ii) when Kira was fighting Rey (SFreedom vs Legend); and

(iii) when Shinn hallucinated & went berserk i.e. he saw Freedom, Stellar and Mayu at the same time & right when he charged towards Lunamaria & Athrun.

The info I'm looking for are the names of the tracks and the collection they're in. There seems to be lots of GS and GSD OST collections & since the title at the back are always in Japanese, I'm at a loss. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

Btw, aside from ID help above, any recommendation on other GSD collections that I should get?

EDIT: I'm referring to Phase 50 for easier identification because IIRC, the BG music in the same scenes in Final Plus are a bit different (I think).

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I havn't watched the last several episdoes of GSD yet, but if its background music I think it will be on OST4 [I don't think there is going to be a 5th OST]. On the other hand, the insert songs are not included on the OST's. Not all of those are included on the Complete Best album either [I was disappointed about that :angry: ]
Some of the insert songs are on the "Suit CD Image" Albums, while others are simply Singles. GSD Suit CD 11 got released quite recently so that may be where at least one of the songs is found. If you recognize the artist from either OP/ED songs from GS or GSD then I might be able to tell you the name. I may not have seen all of GSD yet but I think I have all the music for both series now. :)

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