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Twelve Kingdoms anime ended with episode 45 after the completion of the main story about Youko becoming an emperor, and En emperor's memories....

However, the story about Black Kirin was never completed.

Do you think they should make a new season of it?
Do you think they WILL make a new season of it?

And for people who happened to read the novels can you spoil what eventually happened to that Black Kirin?

  • Mar 15, 2006

they should make a new season but i know they won't because i think they left out the ending for the novel to finish it. i really like to read the novel but i dont know japanese and i dont think they will ever release the translated version of this book in america. so yea i like to know what happened to black kirin also.

  • Mar 15, 2006

Well, if you'd really like to know, I'll tell you. Since Twelve Kingdoms is actually based on Chinese Mythology, there IS a conclusion to the story regarding Taki, the Black Kirin. Spoilers start....NOW!

"The search for Taiki was conducted by 4 Kirins with the help of magical devices from Han and Ren. Renrin and Hanrin found traces of Taiki’s Shirei which lead them to Taiki. The overall mission leader was En-O.

When they found Taiki, they could not regard him as a Kirin and technically/legally, he could not be brought back to the 12 Kingdoms. There was a debate whether Taiki should be brought back and if yes, how this is going to be lawfully possible. You have to read the details to fully understand why En-O is possibly the only person who can fetch Taiki from Horai.

My sense was that Youko, after realizing the details of Taiki’s predicament did not firmly press for his return. she either asked questions or kept quiet. It was Han-O who firmly said that Taiki should be brought back regardless of whether he will be rejected by this world or otherwise.

Youko’s role was that of a host to the search party. En-O requested for help from the 12 kingdoms and sent Enki to confer with the fairy on Mt Ho to make sure this collaborative effort did not violate heaven's rules. Youko accompanied Enki in this trip and clarified the boundaries in which the kingdoms can and cannot act. This whole Taiki incident was like a learning experience for Youko and Keiki. The author reminds us that Youko is only a teenager and Keiki is a young Kirin.

If not for Enki’s quick thinking, Taiki would not have made it back -- dead or alive.

Taiki had his horn chopped off by Asen and that removed his mystical powers. Also, his parents were making him eat meat which his body regarded as a foreign substance. His shirei started to starve (they feed off of a Kirins life force) and went mad. This was slowly killing Taiki. When Keiki & co. finally found him, he was a mortal who was (outwardly) healthy but inside he was dying.

If they left him in Horai he would die soon. Bringing him back to Kei would also kill him because only Senin can pass through Shoku. I think they could not use the magic rope from Ren because he was no longer Senin. Basically, he would die no matter what they did, so why not bring him home. En-o temporarily placed him on the En registry as a refugee, then went to Horai to make Taiki a Senin and bring him through Shoku to Kei. From there Risai took him to Mt. Ho and the Goddess Saiobo (spelling) healed him, and said his horn will probably grow back in time.

Risai had to do a lot of begging because the Goddess didn't want to do it and questioned Risai's motives as personal instead of Tai-oriented. She takes away his Shirei (including Sanshe) because they are insane. She said she will cure them and they can return then. She took him back to Kei. When he was well enough to travel En-o removed him from the En registry and Risai and Taiki flew off into the sunset to search for Tai-O.

Taiki and Risai were unnerved by the attempted coup in Kei and decided they should leave - that they were being a burden and they had to get started finding Gyousou anyway. They left by flying above the sea of clouds, where there is no youma. Apparently, only the king is allowed to fly there usually? Not sure why.

Taiki and Youko were talking together when the rebellion stormed into Taiki's room and interrupted them. I'm not sure what they were talking about... couldn't realling understand it. There won't be any chance of relations until Gyousou is back and Tai is stable again."

That was all taken from a fansite of Twelve Kingdoms. This obviously wasn't covered in the anime, but it's all covered in the books the anime is based on. Hope this helps.

  • Mar 18, 2006

I want a new season....! I really like tis anime...

  • Jul 06, 2007

So the first novel has been released in the US in English. I believe they are scheduled to be released about once a year but that can be changed at any given time. I would think that they would make a second season, but they may be waiting to release it when the novels become more widespred in other countries besides Japan. I can only hope and dream for a second season but I think I will be buying the translated novels because I love the story! :)

  • Jan 28, 2008

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