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Well, this has been bugging me awhile now, I aint sure whether to sound out or not until just a moment ago when I posted a new thread with a poll, I accidentally and happen to forgot the poll option was a left to right entry option (blame it on the lack of caffeine), so I entered the poll wrongly unfortunately.

This also as the title said affects the thread title, would be nice if we can edit those ourselves as well.

However, even in my sincerest thought to edit it, there is no such option, now, I would like to suggest that some kinda option for us to edit the poll/title would be nice, after all, spelling mistakes, poll errors, choices mistakes are common, I would surely like to have that option to edit the polls/titles.

I mean, here I am, accidentally posting a poll with the wrong options, and I cannot edit it, it is frustrating, if I request for the help of a mod, I am just giving them unnecessary trouble, would it not be logical to have an edit poll/title option?

Just my opinion. Would be glad if someone listened though.

merged: 04-08-2006 ~ 10:06am
damn...thread title...seriously need coffee...and I ran out, was gonna have the thread with the name:
"Thread title/polls editing options"

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