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Sorry about the mistake made earlier whit the separate threads but this is the second time I'm making my own forum and not posting in already made ones. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Different Questions About the Characters of Kaleido Star

What do you think of Layla?

She's a bit cold at the beginning but that is to be expected when you get beginners and some will need a fresh dose of reality also looking at her background later you can't really blame her. Her character develops well once Sora enters. Bit by bit she start to come out of her shell and starts to become who she once was or who she would have ended up had her mother not died or she changes entirely. She has a strong will and personality, very talented, beautiful and she's nothing like other rich girls. About her stage performances? Hmm... she very good and it goes to show just how much she practices on her own... Can't think of more right now maybe later, what about you guys and girls?

What do you think of Sora?

She has a strong will and personality, very talented, beautiful, hard working and her interaction whit the rest characters as well as her development are one of the best. She is the type of character you usually place as the main one. She relies on others when she can' do things alone. Most of the time she tries to do things her own way and doesn't back down when others say or do things against her and her ideas. She's a person who you can't help but be attracted to once you spend some time whit her or around her. When paired whit Layla or Rosetta she becomes even more interesting. Her shows are always giving me a warm feeling and I enjoy seeing them over and over as well as the whole series... So what can you say about her? How do you feel about Sora or when you watch her?

What do you think of Rosetta?

Very talented, beautiful, hard working and her interaction whit Sora brings out her best. She makes a great team whit Sora and a good duo whit May. Love the diablos. She's a great character and one of my favorites. To little appearances in the anime and when she does appear she's great. Love her development and has some of the greats scene in her OVA. Wished they'd show her in the Mystical Act whit Sora, if you've seen the end of ''Kaleido Star ~Aratanaru Tsubasa~ EXTRA STAGE'' you will know what I'm talking about, she looked great in that white costume... So tell me what do you think of our little diablo genius.

What do you think of the characters?

Very well made, have great development and great interaction whit one another. Some of the great's personalities in an anime and most of all very real life connection that I love to see in anime such as Kaleido Star. Most of them are very good at what they're doing or at least get there whit time and training. Don't know what else I should say... Tell me what you think and I might get new ideas or I might see something new.

Whitch charater do you like and don't like? And why?

For my favorite read my other post about Sora, Layla and Rosetta and you will understand. I like all of them just that some I like more than the others. As for the ones I don't like, well there aren't any that I know of. I would say Yuri when he tried to take over Kaleido Star but I can understand him a little or Leon when he first appeared but whit time I started to like him.

What do you think about the interaction between this characters?

Sora and anyone/everyone else.
Layla and anyone/everyone else.
Rosetta and Sora/May.
Anna and Mia/Ken.
What about others?

Have You Noticed...?

Have You Noticed that Mia Guillem looks like Asuka Langley Sohryu from NGEvangelion?


Have You also Noticed that Marion look a little like Mitsuki from Full Moon wo Sagashite?




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Wow, a Kaleido Star fan! ^-^ Let's see...

I personally don't like Sora's dubbed voice, but I got got used to it a bit (I can't say much about her Japanese voice, though...seeing as I haven't watched the subs yet -_-) I like the fact that she never gives up---that's the best quality within her. She's a little too goody-goody, but she's not a totally cliche main character.

As for Layla, I grew to like her XD She was like an ice queen in the beginning, but then I started understanding her along with Sora and co. That one "Masked Layla" episode made me like her even more ^-^

I can go on forever, so I'll just end it with someone I've never liked in the series. Ken is the most annoying anime dude I ever laid eyes on XD All he does is blush and pop up in between Sora's drama. I just...don't like the guy -_- Well, that's about it! Good to know a fellow KS fan.

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Hooray for Kaleido Star! The characterization in general was pretty good.

Layla was done in a very interesting way. For the most part, all she did was focus on one goal without thinking about any consequences or having any doubts (for the most part). Sora also embodies these traits; however, not to the degree of Layla. Every now and then, Sora would have some doubts (for about an episode or two) and would eventually resolve to "try it without really thinking about it." Therefore, Layla presents herself as a more pure or complete form of Sora, which explains the admiration Sora feels for her as well as the strange attraction Layla has toward Sora.

I thought Sora's character was really well planned out. We're originally presented with a very simple character: Sora wants to join Kaleido Stage. However, she slowly starts to change her goals to being with Layla, being equal with Layla, surpassing Layla, and finally becoming the true Kaleido Star. This transition really plays well into Maslow's heirarchy of needs with the finale of acheiving self-realization and confirmation. Ummm... I don't care to turn this into an essay so look it up for yourself.

Rosetta's cute and eager. Not much more for me to say.

I don't like Anna's dad. I kinda figured he would quit his profession when he became sour and sarcastic. I just didn't buy his whole stayin in the business and make fun of people thing.

I do like Mia though. She seems to be a very grounded personality. Succumbing to stress as well as being humble enough to apologize to Sora for being a b**ch and accepting help from Simon. And her whole cute glasses thing made me smile.

  • Apr 12, 2006

ooookeyyy youa sked for it
i'll give you my personal characterizations
get out your good pair of reading glassses and two bottles of you favorite beverege because this is going to be long
(warning ended)

First she appears to be that rich spoiled daughter who think she can boss people around when actually kalos makes the desicions
At first i didn't like her too mcuh but she was fun as a rolemodel for sora but when you get to know her you really see a strong woman who really is able to take matters into her own hands
she never backs down and always gives good advice
she thinks before she speaks
even sees trough leon and even he is shocked
as a preformer she really is good
even tough she was beaten by sora she still i think could rival her
she lost the angels act because unlike sora she did not belive in the true angles act
as she said there are many ways for the true star
she is the true star for me still
once you see more of her you see her warming up and you see that she has such grace and beauty which she involuntarily displays
i never saw her trip, make a funny mistake like sora
altough there was the time she screamed when she saw Jonathan (that was awsome)
after the golden pheonix you see that even she has flaws and its nice for her that she accepts her weaknesses
thats something really hard to do especially for someone as strong as her
she never loses her calm even after seeing Fool
ive never seen her loose control and was shocked when seeing her laugh and then cry
great character
never met anyone like her , and would like to

the first time i saw her she had that look of the innocent girl which she kept but she matured enough
i like the way she recklessly goes for a challenge and am happy after her hard work is rewarded
makes me always want to do my best
and i look to her when ever i don't see a way out
she has very funny antics and a nice voice
the english voice is crap
i hate how they made her
she sounds like a 10year old in english
in the japaneese you can hear her determination and it suits her perfectly
but i like the way she gets beaten down and rises after that
the way she avoids conflict is also the reason i like her that much
but rather then avoiding she rejects conflict makeing her strong in a way
i like how she always analizes everthing and how she brings out the best in people
my opinion is that without her the stage would be full of haterd and conflict
she is alot like donna walker
**to bad miss walker realized the thing about conflicts so late as she would have returned to the stage**
i never enjoy seeing her in pain trough the various trainings but the way she pulls trough makes her amaizing
its nice to follow her trough her evolution to top star and i would like to see her in the role of guide like layla
if theres going to be a next season i would like to see how she does
she always like to make people happy and smile and because she lives because of such a simple reason makes her as donna walker says an angel

i was surprised by her actually
i never saw diabolo before so she opened that to me
the way she performs flawlessly reminds me of layla and the way she fights reminds of may
shes very cute and has some antics that are very funny
altough she tries she still can't shake the kid image but she will with time
i'm looking forward to seeing her do the mystical act and surpassing sora
but i don't think she'll follow Soras path of becoming the true star without cnflicts she will fight for it because shes a born fighter
some thing about her scare me tough
the fact she never saw a true fun show and that she never used thw swing makes her a machine sometimes
her problem will be after she completes the act with sora , what then? whats her goal after that ?
that will be a real problem for her as it was for Sora but i'm sure she'll pull trough

shes a very unique character
shes cute and always looses her cool when under presure but pulls trough in the end
because she is also a performer and understands their needs she is superior to the other directors
she always says whats on her mind and you can easily understand her
she can correct herself quickly too
shell make a fine director and is valuable to the kaleido stage

now shes really weird
shes funny in her ways
even tough she has an inborn talent as an actress she wants to do comedy making her strong in my opinion
she also ahs adopted the role of teacher by teaming up with barbera and hannah
i like her antics and the way she reacts to diffrent situations
shes much more boyish in her roles but her feminin side can be seen most of the time
a nice character i really enjoyed
+extra:hannah and barbera
i like theese two a lot
they are very funny and are just what annas team needed
i like the way they always burst into laughter
makes me laugh as well
i hope they stay at kaleido stage for some more time

shes cute in her own way but you see that she still hasn't lost her sarcasm
she however doesn't display that girlish innocence
i like how she and mia have always the same idea for a drama or lovestory
i don't know if shell ever be a kaleido star because she loves the trambuline so much but i don't think that a kaleido star is only restriceted to the trapeeze but a kaleido star must be wellversed in more aspects of the stage
if she'll become the next kaleido star depends if it is her dream but otherwise she is a good addition to the stage and the youngest member of the cast
altough he has very funny antics i don't know how long marion will be able to carry him around on her head
even if hes a dwarfseal hes gonna grow bigger and soon they will have to part
he will however remain kaleido stages mascot

he looks like this tough headstrong guy but he has a humor unique to him
i like how he maneges things and feel bad for him that he can't perform magic tricks anymore
but the insurence money created kaleido stage so its not all bad
hes a good manager and always asks you to do something only if you are capable
unlike the facade he couldn't care less about the money as long as he can provide a good show

i like her a lot
she has the funniest antics
she also likes combat a lot even tough she is a diva
she plays the role of everybodys mother or bigger sister making you naturally like her
she never fights anyone and has the most contagious laugh
it would be a shame to loose her
she fits in perfectly and even tough she never relies on her authority you wouldn't like to upset her ruining her everpresent good disposotion

he along with sarah bring most of the humour in the show
hes the only irealistic character but displays human characteristics
and as in many animes he fills the spot of the local pervert
he always makes theese jokes and lightens the mood and as far as I know never succeded peeping into anyones bath
i also liked how the reacted to laylas neglige outfit and the car theme description for the kenneth motors descrobed by sora
i hope rosetta wises up to his antics or he might just get his pervert dreams fufilled
even so he still is a important character describing mental states and protecting the stage
but his humour makes him more appealing

altough he seems spineless most of the time his shyness was refreshing and i could identify myself with him in that regard
its too bad that he has such a weak heart but hell make a great leader for the future kaleido stage
i think that in the end he'll be with sora and make a coulpe similar to marions mom and dad

after seeing so many animes with fights and such one would say that hes been extracted from there
making him cool but unappealing to me
i think most female viewers are however fond of him
he is not such a special character but as cool as he is he still is outshadowed by layla
o think he'll become a more accomplished artist

he is as some would say the bad guy but he has suffered much so you could excuse him
he becomes a great addition for the stage later on but hes not so appealing to me
i think that many female viewers are impressed by his coolness but as kathy said : who wants to see a romeo who only wants to show off?

her i like a lot
she seems like your creative broadway producer who brings nice ideas to the stage
unlike most other character she directly confrotns people and critices very well
she can also spot talent from a mile away

he aslo has his nice antics and for Sora seems like a bigger brother
he relly breaks away from the tough black guy image set by others and as kate says his kindness is his strong points
i like him a lot and without him sora would have never made it to kaleido star

so thats it
i think youre out of chips and drinks go for a refueling and to the bathroom after such a long read, but its not that long now is it?

  • Jun 22, 2006



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All the characters are pretty interesting. More so the female cast than the male cast. Spoilers probably.

The Phoenix- I love Layla Hamilton. On the outside, she's strong, determined, graceful, beautiful and above all else puts the audience first. But deep inside is a hurt child waiting to come out and smile again.

From the beginning of the series, I didn't know how her character was going to play out. I thought she was just going to be Sora's rival, but that clearly was not the case. She turned out to be so much more than that.

The Angel- Sora is the protagonist of the series. I found her to be very likeable, and admired her courage to overcome all the odds. Much like Layla, she's true to her heart and always gives 100% to the audience. But unlike Layla, she has a warmth and shine that outdoes everyone else.

The Unsmiling Princess - To be honest, I'm indifferent to her. She's young, and still trying to find a path for herself. At times Rosetta would start something, then get frustrated, and would want to run away. In a few years, I can see her performing awesome acts along Sora, or by herself.

The Dragon - May Wong. At first I didn't like her attitude and her constant put-downs to Sora. Her, along with Rosetta need to find their own paths. In any case, Cathy helped her loosen up a bit, and that's a start. It's a shame that her character has been sort of pushed to the side in favor of slapstick comedy. Not that I don't like it.

The Writer and the Jester - Mia and Anna. These two started out as Sora's best friends without having any specific dreams. They were just Sora's emotional support. Later on we learn that Mia has a creative side, and that Anna wishes to make people laugh, like her pops. From then on, they began to pursue their dreams. In the later scenes, we see them in the creative process while still remaining Sora's emotional support.

The Demon- Leon. Seemingly cold and uncaring, a man with a tragic past. He's all right. I really don't care for him. He gave Sora and May something to strive for for a time being. And yeah, lots of female fans were impressed by him, but not me.

The Prince - Yuri. At one point I thought Yuri was awesome(and hot), and then I totally hated him, and then he went back to semi-awesome(still hot), lol. I liked the little plot twist the creaters gave him, as it took the entire cast for a bumpy ride. Now that he's realized his mistake, it's up to him on what to do now.

The Boss- Kalos. Sometimes you like him and sometimes you hate his guts. But he has the experience and knows what it takes to become the Kaleido Star.

Ken...as himself. Sweet guy. A guy after Sora's heart. He supports Sora whenever he can, and hopefully one day for Ken's own sake, she will realize what she means to him. Notice how I worded that.

Um that was long and that's how I feel on those characters.

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  • Jun 22, 2006

i love every character and how they grew on the series...but!

i just wished they elaborated the end part though bettween rosetta and fool...its such a cliff hanger do you think? argh! its just frustrating!

  • Jun 25, 2006



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Quote by eniari love every character and how they grew on the series...but!

i just wished they elaborated the end part though bettween rosetta and fool...its such a cliff hanger do you think? argh! its just frustrating!

Totally. But supposedly there's gonna be a new series of KS. What it's actually going to be about, is anyone's guess. Any news would be awesome.

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  • Jun 25, 2006



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hi...i love this anime...and i admire sora....she's so strong...
at the beginning everybody treated her like crap...but she managed to stay up...
i also like ken...i think he's very very funny....and a great person...
layla was very cold at the beginning...but later she shows a great person...
i think this anime is awesome....


i really enjoyed the anime...and i actually like every character but my favorite is sora and leon...they should get together! :)

  • Feb 11, 2007


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Wow, seems I'll have a lot to write about! Let's get started then:
In the beginning I thought she was very unfriendly and arrogant. She annoyed me quite a lot, and I almost wished for something to happen to her so that she'd stop appearing in the show. But after a while I started liking her as she loosened up a bit around Sora and showed her true self.

She kind of annoyed me at first too, always so cheerful and a bit silly. However, throughout the series I discovered many aspects of her personality and now she's one of my favorite characters from kaleido Star :)

She is one of my favorite characters, because of her past mostly, and how she managed to overcome it and move on, thanks to Sora. She is also very talented and I like her hair style XD

Very arrogant in the beginning, but I started liking her because of her personality (and the funny dog faces and sounds she made ^_^'). She resembles Rosetta a bit; maybe that's why the two got along so well for the Eternal Illusion act.

Relationship between Sora and Layla. It was interesting to see Sora trying to persuade Layla of her qualities and make her behave in a more friendly way. Layla was pretty much rude to everyone, acting superior, and it was something unpleasant for her to encounter someone who actually stood up and defied her. It was almost like a cat-and-mouse game, at one point. I enjoyed it, especially when Layla recognized Sora as her partner and became one of her special friends.

Relationship between Sora and everyone else. When she arrived at the Kaleido Stage, everyone was mean and impolite to Sora, mainly due to Layla -everyone copied her behavior to be "cool". Sora began making friends through her hard work and determination, and soon she was accepted in the group.

Relationship between Rosetta/May and everyone else. These two are alike in many ways, so I'll talk about them as one person. At first they were both treated with indifference (May with a little fear), but people soon learned Rosetta can be friendly and May isn't as bad as she seemed, although she had certain "moments" of her own.

Characters I like and dislike
I like Layla, May and Rosetta most of all, because I can relate more to them than to anyone else. They are daring and not afraid to pursue their goals at all costs. Leon is an interesting character too, the shinigami who seeks a partner -I didn't like him at all in the beginning, but that changed with time. I admire the character who played Alice in the show Sora saw when she was little -she captured the exact spirit of the Stage: hatred, competition, no feeling sorry for the ones who are down.
I don't like Ken, who always seems to be chasing after Sora like a puppy and isn't straightforward in telling her she likes her (he's shy, but that game gets kind of boring after a while, especially because Sora's too naive/distracted to get the hints). Yuri, he seems like a shallow person. I don't know why, it just looks like that to me. Aside from the Kaleido Stage and battle for the role for the Demon situations, he is kind of a side character. Charlotte and Julie were the most annoying characters to me, I think (the two girls who tried to suck-up to Layla and made fun of Sora).

Mia looks a little like Asuka, but maybe it's a coincidence. Or not. Who knows?

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Well the characters I like are Sora,Layla.Mia,Anna,and Layla. I don't really care for May all that much because she's a little too stuck up. Layla and Sora remind me of Yugi and Yami Yugi off of Yu-Gi-Oh.Maybe that's just me. Their personalities are almost the same and Rosetta reminds me of the Dark Magician Girl card. I like her though.she's funny and cute.


Layla Hamilton is my favo! Cool chara~



i love every character

  • Nov 05, 2010

This was the first anime series I watched, and I love each and every character.
If I had to choose and absolute favourite, that would be Fool. That little pervert is really funny (the best scene in the anime when they catch him with a mousetrap:) ).

  • Dec 06, 2010

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