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Cosplay Goddess


Ive seen other threads like this in other forums, and boy were they popular! everyone just has something random on their minds, and wants to tell people, but dont know where, so here ya go!

first off

Thinking that exams suck. im studying for my chem exam currently and have 3 left after that... T_T

thinking that MT is friggin sweet

thinking how i wish school was over so i could start my cosplays for Oni-con in october (yes i take that long, im a cosplay snob lol :)) (if u were wondering, im gonna be princess ai as my main cosplay, and kousuke asazuki as my side cosplay. i always have a main and side cosplay, last con it was princess ai [a diff outfit of course] and yuiko from loveless. PM me if u want pics)

thinking how i could go to Planet Zero (anime lounge type pleace) with my boardie friends from another forum

*hoping* people like this thread and dont just shoot it down ^_^'

merged: 05-26-2006 ~ 04:30am
@&#%@$*%! stupid double posts! :(


  • May 25, 2006

I was thinking " Why in the world would someone want to know what people are thinking? Don't they know the sick things that go through the minds of people?! This isn't really a good idea." Then I started thinking " Man, I could really go for a Frosty right about now." And if someone can get me started thinking about Frosties, it can't be all bad.

  • May 26, 2006

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