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I was just thinking...
If there were to be a new episode in Maburaho, what I mean is,
exceeding episode 24, what will it be? Hmm...

Like Akai-sensei said, if a ghost brings back his or her ashes back
to create a new body, his or her memory will be erased... com-
pletely. But as the world's greatest magician, that will be only a
possibility to Kazuki. But ever since Kazuki's body gets seperated
into 7 (Or about...) bodies, that means this memory didn't get

But let's get to the point! In your opinion, what will happen next
then? Kazuki Shikimori will wonder around, Yuna Miyama will get
really mad, Rin Kamishiro will... err... I don't noe and Kuriko
Kazetsubaki will be more seductive than before >.< !

  • Oct 07, 2006

Knowing that Maburaho to be based upon a series of novels I'm sure the answer is there somewhere. Assuming that the anime follows the novels of course.

Tough to say. The only thing that appears certain is that Yuna will be very busy. Her jealousy just increases through the series. Imagine that jealousy with seven Kazukis to keep an eye on. I think she'll die of exhaustion :D

More seriously though it would appear that it would set up Akai to have a larger role. Even though Kazuki's magic is that powerful how can he manage to forge seven bodies out of the ashes of just one? I get a feeling that the ending was a joke by the writers of the anime personally. Still, it would be nice to see a proper follow up to it though. Still don't see why he split into so many though.

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  • Oct 15, 2006

I heard somewhere, that new manga for Maburaho is being released, but nobody is currently translating it.

  • Oct 15, 2006

hmm could someone clarify this, i went browsing around and found maburaho volume 1 and it gives the titles of each story in the book what i need help is does this relate to after kazuki wakes up or its a whole different story?

the volume and stories could someone clarify this its eatting me i dont know if its the same or a whole different story
volume 1
story 01 - kazuki, return to yourself
story 02 - rin, wear the uniform
story 03 - kuriko, the conspiracy
story 04 - yuuna, bear the unbearable
story 05 - rin, now, the path becomes difficult
story 06 - kuriko, not yet blended
extra - heavenly girl, will you be late?
volume 2
story 07 - yuuna, may be in love
story 08 - rin, may be a dog lover
story 09 - kuriko, your heart may be set
story 10 - yuuna, may be defeated
story 11 - chihaya, it may have been true
story 12 - rin, it may be marriage
story 13 - the two of you, even if you didn't promise

what gets me is story 12 and 13 @_@ and i tried comparing the titles to the anime titles but it doesnt seem to fit, is rin going to be the wife and whoes the 2? or this is total a different story or it follows but the story titles are messed up


Apparently, the light novel series has gone on past where the anime ended, and didn't go the path the anime did when they gave Kazuki got his body back. I think at current point it is the most developed out of the manga, light novel, and anime series. It is, unfortunately, only in Japanese with no signs of it possibly coming overseas at the moment. But a man can dream.

Here's the link to the novel series btw, in case anyone is interested:



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thw whole story was fine, but the ending was so awful (the part after the credits)
so, there shouldnt be more episodes

  • Dec 30, 2006



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just got a question about the last episode on the anime...
i already saw her on some scans but i don't know who she is...
BTW if anyone can translate japanese into english...
pls try to check the official website for news and updates...
hope new episodes come up...

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  • Apr 14, 2007

I don't now if they going to do new anime series of Maburaho, but my brother had a very good idea what it could be about. :D
Shikimori Kazuki, has splitted into 8 "Kazuki's" and He thouget they could have one power each other. Maybe, if he then uses he's power, the one how did it would turn in to ash and disappear in to the other Kazuki's. In that they it could one day become one Kazuki agen. (Maybe Yuna would do her best to do Kazuki to use he's magic.) he,he...! ^_^'

  • Oct 31, 2007

Oh just a quick reply... the young girl named Maiho Kurioka was supposed to be in the main series and she had the ability to check on Kazuki's spell count but the idea was thrown away and she didn't make the cut so the producers put her in the last episode

  • Jan 06, 2008

Hey sorry if this not part of your question but do you think there are going to new show? I think it will great if there were new shows.

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  • Apr 23, 2008

hey maburaho fans the story was nice but the ending sucks i agree with StreetLegend.

merged: 10-30-2008 ~ 08:46am
does anyone has vol 2 of maburaho? if so email me at

  • Oct 30, 2008


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