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The hope of a dreamer


The "Deep Love" manga anthology is based on the novel by YOSHI and the artwork is done by Yoshii Yuu. Deep Love it's a group of deep dramatic love stories that go straight to the readers hearts, they show you a lot of situations which you might not like to read or deal with, the stories make you the judge of the characters lifes while dealing with all the evil that the world has for each one of them... there is no justice, just the hard reality for this lonely and good bunch people T^T.

The first part of the anthology is called Arc 1 "Deep Love: Ayu no Monogatari" and here it is a summary:

A young prostitute called Ayu has lived a meaningless life until she met a young boy called Yoshiyuki. They met when an old lady who taught her the meaning of life passed away, only briefly telling her of her grandson, Yoshiyuki. Knowing that the old lady wished only to see her grandson but is unable to grant the old lady her wish, Ayu then thought that she could take care of Yoshiyuki for her. Ayu and Yoshiyuki, despite his heart problems and her dark past loved each other to the fullest. However, life wasn't easy for the both of them. Yoshiyuki's father forbids the relationship and kept them away from each other. But Ayu sacrificed herself by becoming a prostitute once again to earn money for Yoshiyuki's operation and to keep her promise to the old woman who changed her life. Can Yoshiyuki's life be saved? Will Ayu finally be free from all her burdens? Will their love still remain even after separation?

The second part is called Arc 2 "Deep Love: Host" and I will write a small summary:

An orphan and healthy Yoshiyuki founds himself desolated after the lost of Ayu, and decides to try the life that she used to lead in order to understand why she did what she did till the end. Yoshiyuki becames a host in a male service club, he's starts as a host and became the boss of the club in which he works but there is more in his life than what it seems, he is followed by the ghosts of the love he shared with Ayu and by the wheels of destiny, the wheels that cross his path with a young and innocent... Ayu. What will happen to Yoshiyuki? Will he fall in love again? Can he ever found happiness again?

The third part is called Arc 3 "Deep Love: Reina no Unmei" and the summary it's like this:

After her best friend Ayu dies of AIDS, after she's raped and pregnant - this is Reina's story that begins three years after she gives birth to her daughter named after her best friend. She loves her daughter more than her own life, but when Ayu takes a tumble down the stairs, she realizes that she is far too selfish to be a mother at age 19, and that she also needs money to properly support her daughter. She leaves Ayu with her own mother, and searches for work - realizing her only good point is selling her body. What will become of Reina? Will she ever see her daughter again?

Ok! There's another part of this anthology called "Deep Love: Pao's Tale" and tells the story of Ayu's dog called Pao T^T it's soo sad that I won't write the summary here so you better get it in HERE

This manga is quite hard, theres is nothing tender or innocent about the story because of the sexual contents and personal struggles of each one of the characters. I highly recommend this reading and you can get this anthology her:

Deep Love Ayu no Monotagari

For the access to the Sugar Manga downloads you need to become a member ^^ sorry!.

Ok I'm going now.

Bye Bye.

"... It's clear to me now that I have been moving toward you and you toward me for a long time. Though neither of us was aware of the other before we met, there was a kind of mindless certainty humming blithely along beneath our ignorance that ensured we could come together. Like two solitary birds flying the great prairies by celestial reckoning, all of these years and lifetimes we have been moving toward one another..."

Robert James Waller (The bridges of Madison county).


It's really sad manga series. Really so. But somehow you fall completely in love with this stories.
And yet you understand how cruel world can be. And how light your life is.

  • Feb 11, 2008

Hi, Elyvania. Unfortunately, I was only able to read the first part of this story (Arc 1 "Deep Love: Ayu no Monogatari"). And I must say I cried a lot... it's a very sad story, yet I think it's also very beautiful and even though lots of ugly sides of human character are shown, we can also see touching sides of human nature as well. I'm looking forward to reading the other stories. :)

PS: I didn't know there was a live for this manga. It's definitly good news!

  • Mar 30, 2008

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