My new FLCL Wallpaper - critique as hard as you want!

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Hi guys, i just wanted to see if my second ever photoshop picture is any good, and whether it is suitable for submission.

Feedback will be much appreciated. I dont mind how harsh your critique is, since i am a newb at photoshop and would take in any advice given to me.

Thanks in advance.Soaking up the acid rain



Plead Insanity


The wally seems heavily compressed. This is clearly seen around the words "soaking up the acid rain" and buildings. Please submit high quality wallies or your wally is definitely gonna be deleted because of its low quality.

Also, I think it's better if you drop the 'acid' from the title, doesn't sound great. The position and font size is very unsuitable as it is small and out of place. Type "FLCL" in HUGE letters with a suitable font and place 'soaking up some rain' beneath it in a different font type. Just increase the font size, use a better font and put it higher up. Remember, the type of font is important. Do some hunting on finding some great ones.

The sky seems like a waste of space as it has nothing. Try changing the clouds and colour it red and not making it have a monotone red to it.

The rain drops does not look like rain drops. Rain drops are supposed to be like a thin straight line and placed naturally.

The colour of your buildings should be dark black and Jun should be another colour. Use cloud brushes to do the sky. I recommend downloading brushes from

Try experimenting with brushes, it does wonders. Maybe some birds flying would look good. Make sure they aren't placed unnaturally. Besides that, try the 'colour burn' around Naota.

Lastly, get rid of the long horizontal box surrounding your copyright mark at the bottom. It's much better to write :
images (C) Kazuya Tsurumaki / done by cheungalung / MINITOKYO dot NET
You can add the year you made it in if you want to but try not to put the exact date.

Ganbatte! Refer and study other artworks by the other MT members, pay attention to small details. Practice makes perfect. I'll be looking forward to your masterpiece! :)



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I think this is pretty should be a little more detailed though, and it needs some retouching, other than that, it's pretty good!



lacks depth

  • Oct 29, 2006

True. It really lacks depth.

> Try things like different shades of red for the background. Or some colour close to red which can easily
blend in. Or if you're sort of experimenting... some colour contrasting it.

> As for the buildings, well since I'm not so good at this either, I guess you can try placing details on it or
make it fade away or something. Just don't leave it like that.

> I don't know if this would work, but try placing a few clouds and blend it in with the background.
If not clouds, probably some fog. Fog around things like the buildings. Just a little on top and a little on
the sides might help.

Those above are some things you may want to try when remaking or retouching the wall. :D

Like the others, I'll also be looking forward to the final piece. :)


Not bad for a first try, but it could still be improved. Here's what I think:

1. First thing that really matters is composition. Best rule to follow here is the rule of thirds if you're not centering your subject. Put guides throughout your canvas that divide it in thirds horizontally and vertically, then position Takkun along the axes. The tops of the buildings should probably be aligned with the bottom horizontal third, and you should put that tallest building on the opposite side of the pic, or take it out completely. It draws attention away from Takkun. And I think it would look better if he were also a bit bigger.

2. Vector the buildings, the background, and Takkun. There's a lot of JPEG artifacts all over your wall, which never makes for good digital art. Also, you can put some texture overlays. Be careful of going overboard with textures and gradients, though. I see you're going for a slight minimalistic feel (which vectors can pull off really well), and if you get it too busy you might kill the design. Take a look at some of the vector pieces in Desktop Anime. I think there's a couple walls there with almost the same theme as yours, and you can lean on them for some inspiration.

3. The rain's blurriness makes the whole thing look shoddy and haphazard. You should do something about it, although I'm really not quite sure what. ^^;

4. The flat gray of the buildings contrasts a bit too painfully with the red sky. The sky is actually the only bit I like (except for the artifacts), so maybe you should make the buildings a little darker, and a little on the browner side, so the color just sort of sits in well with the background. Takkun looks fine as a solid black sillhouette, though.

5. Take out that black bar at the bottom of your wall. Watermarks are called water marks because they're text right on the art itself, so you shouldn't give it a background color of its own. But it shouldn't stand out too much (people already hate watermarks as it is) so a white sans serif text with some thin stroking or a faint drop shadow should be good enough.

Just some suggestions, as it's your wall and it's entirely up to you. If you don't wanna touch anything else, at least fix the composition and the coloring. They're usually the first things that make or break a piece of art.

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