(Game!) Six Degrees of Separation

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I'm starting a game thread for everyone here at MT, but I'm also doing it to teach a simple lesson, which I believe you all already know: no matter how different they may be, all anime are connected, and I don't mean by cultural cliches, either. Also, no matter how different people here are, we're all connected by our love of anime.

Here's how the game works. I'm going to mention an anime that I know, and the next person to see this mentions a different anime and explains how they're connected. It could be a common hairstyle, a char with the same last or first name, a common theme in the plot, where it takes place, etc. But there's a catch. If the thread gets big enough, make sure you read it thoroughly so you won't mention the same anime as someone else. If you haven't heard of the anime before you, don't worry--someone else might. I don't know if we can, but let's see if we can mention all the anime that's currently out there. Let's go, everyone! :)

Since I'm first, I will say "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex". Let's see where it goes from there. ;)

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