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Ch. 124-126 were released some time ago by [Sleeping-Forest]

anyway, as for my opinion of these chaps..benkei is fun, i was startin' to somewhat hate kazu recently, but seems he finally grew a pair huh?...Say what you want, but that was pretty damn cool...oh and om looks way beter without the mickey mouse

for those who've read 'em, if you want to discuss about it, go ahead

You, sir, have successfully managed to rape the entire English language with one sentence. Congratulations.

  • Jan 25, 2007

ye i cant wait to get the rest of the chapters, i love how kazu finally discovered his flame road (now he wont lose adachis interest), and i want to see what is ringos role in all of this, is she rika and the rest really evil? after all they are sleeping forest. And recently airgear has switched genres on me, i mean sure the behemoth battle had attacks and was tight as hell, but the recent ones especially aeon clock vs gabashi, and benki vs the water queen those were off the hook, air gear seriously is in the ranks of best manga in terms of originality and story. OH GREAT IS CLASS

  • Feb 04, 2007

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