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First off... had no idea in which section to post this thread, so I put it here since you move out because of a new school or work x3

So, the questions. When did you move out for the first time (without a parent)? How did it feel? Did you move to a bigger city, knowing no one, with no money? For what reason? Also, if you haven't moved out yet, when do you feel that you'll be ready?

I'm curious how it worked out for you guys since I'm probably gonna move too this summer. To a city I've never been too, for the sake of studying ._.


I havent moved yet, but i think ill be moving when ill go to university i guess

  • Feb 11, 2007

i'll probably moving out soon too. guess we're on the same boat. lol

  • Feb 13, 2007

I moved out about half a year ago to the capital of Romania [Bucharest] and began university there. It was a real pain at first... piles of unwashed dishes growing like mushrooms, fighting with my roomie over who should do the chores, running out of money after two weeks, being to lazy to cook my own food... but I've kinda adjusted to it all now ^o^

Here's some advice; I hope it helps you.

- Be careful with your money, especially during the first month or so. New city = new temptations. Pay attention to what you spend on and don't buy loads of things at once;)
- Try to get to know a few of your neighbors [BTW, will you be staying at a boarding house or in a rented flat?]. That way you can start building some relationships with the people around you and you won't feel so lonely any more. Sometimes, even the fact that the cranky old neighbor from the ground floor greets you can make your day [<- I know that from my personal experience ^_^'].
- About food. Don't eat only instant food, chips, hamburgers and the likes. Try to have at least one cooked-up meal a day. French fries, rice, salads, instant soup... you pick. Otherwise, your body might become weak and you'll get sick more easily. If you can't cook or you don't have time to, then you can go eat at a canteen on campus or something.
- Try to spend as much time as you can out of the house, exploring. Once you get to know the city - even barely - it'll start feeling more at home.

Hope this helps!


Well that depends on where are you going coz prices and expenses differ from place to place. My sister and I had to move abroad for sake of our study. It wasn't hard for me coz I was living with my relative for sometime and later we decided to move out and have our own place.

What I can give you from my own experiences is that:

1- Be very cautious with your money and budget it depending on your expenses. I am a very practical person so I usually keep track of things I purchase whether is food or other stuffs. I conserve a calculated and limited amount of money for each month. Electricity & Water, Groceries and etc...and the rest goes for the other months or other things that I need to buy.

2- This was my father's advise and I pass it to you too since it's very critical for someone in foreign places. Always save a considarable amount of money for unexpected and emergency cases. Do not ever spend it unless you really have to.

3- Be organized. Decide what do you really want and how you can accomplish it. I, for instance, leave the big cleaning and shopping for the Friday afternoons after school and Saturday mornings. The Saturday afternoon and Sunday are for resting and having fun.

6- Put and spend times on things that you've been used to. It's not wrong to try to have the same lifestyle that you had back home. If you want to have the same thing you can have it but it needs extra effort and management.

7- Gradually begine to learn your neighborhood and surrounding. You don't have to know everywhere at once.

8- Find a confident local friend around spcially at school. They will be great help and guid to you. If you happen to get close to them you won't be having much problem in regards with your studies. Of course I don't mean to completely relay on them, they won't be pleases. But usually people, especially student, like to help their foreign classmates.

9- Think positively about odd mistakes and embarressing moments that your'll for sure encounter. It's natural and your not much to be blamed. Always laugh and smile at your mistakes but only once or twice, never let tham happen again.

10- Learn to show gratitude and respect to the new culture even though you might not agree with it. -blinks- that's a big deal.

11- Learn their tradition.

I don't remember anything more but it case I do, I'll add it later. :) Hope that it could help.

  • Feb 15, 2007

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