whats your favourite group of villains

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Now if you are an anime fan and have been following anime series and some games with anime influences, you would realise every production has a trend to put villains together in groups and organisations for the protagonists to battle. For example; akatsuki- naruto, espada- bleach, organisation 13- kingdom hearts, gung ho guns - trigun etc etc. My favourite villain group is F from tenjou tenge (manga) becuz they are so badass and strong, each have there own style and have very different character than theyre comrades not to mention insane skill and power. Im also beginning to like sleeping forest from airgear (manga) for the same reasons as F from tenjou tenge , each have different characters, power , badassness etc.

Truth is, its really hard to narrow it down to one, they are so many tight group of villains out there (foxhound and the cobra unit from MGS ) . I mean its so hard 2 narrow down lol ^_^' what are your favourite groups ?

  • Mar 18, 2007

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