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we all know that Mizuho decided to stay at the school as their ELDER.
(sorry if i spoiled u)
but i don't think it all ends there... rumors are spreading that an OVA will be coming out this april.
anyone who can clarify this up?

and one more thing... is the teacher near the principal Mizuho's mother?

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  • Apr 17, 2007

The extra thing is the OVA you can find it on crunchyroll however its nothing really,although i read while surfing today thought their gonna do a second series, and your right why shouldent it carry on? its got a manga and theres like only 12 episodes of it, trouble with anime makers these days they make the anime to early so that when the second series does come it wont come till a long time, (its like that with Ouran, Loveless (i suspect ) and so on.)

Touka Gettan was only 12 eps to, but luckily theirs (or is now actually since Monday) new episodes after it, hopefully anime makers will do that more in the future? hope so lol.

so yea cant wait to see the second series (which proberly wont come out till later on in the year.) i hope to see all the rest of the female cast falling for him, after all it IS bound to happen, says all in the title (hmm.. dunno about the younger oens though.... they might they might not, might form somesort of crush on him.) oh and to find out he is a guy as well to (maybe?)

  • Jun 26, 2007

Are u sure there will be 2nd season? I'm waiting for it :D
Really, i think this anime si great.
Anyway, when i'm searching about this anime on wikipedia. I found that there's 4 seasons for Drama CD. Are those drama CDs different with the anime?


I hope for a 2nd Season, i really loved this anime...
where did u get the info for the 2nd season i'm really curios to read something about XD

  • Oct 03, 2007


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