Does Robin like Amon n does Amon like Robin?

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I want 2 know whether u ppl think that Amon n Robin like each other.... :D

  • Jul 06, 2007

It's not us who can tell they like each other or not! :) From what I watched in series, Robin did have feelings for Amon, that's for sure. But Amon never revealed his feelings or returned her affection openly. He cares a lot for her, that's very evident from the way he almost sacrifices his own life to save her. Based on my perosnal view, I think he liked Robin (I don't know about love) and always had to struggle to suppress his feelings inside. Thankfully by the end of the series he allowed some of it to leak out whether through his action or words. :)

  • Jul 07, 2007


Just a dreamer...


What it's obvious is that Robin has feelings for Amon and I agree with ealpha-scorpio that Amon also feels something for her. I tend to believe it's something more than affection because I remember an scene from an episode when he was talking on the phone with the woman he was seeing, Robin's room mate, I keep forgeting her name, sorry, and I inclined to believe from their conversation that it had something to do with Robin, but of course the situation doesn't clarify as Robin comes and Amon finishes the call... Hmpf... And yes, from the last episodes I think it's clear that he does feel something for her. But there is also the age gap between them, I mean she's pretty young and maybe that's why he holds back? Well, we can only guess... Though I would have liked so much to see something more definite in the end... Too bad!

Dreaming my life away

  • Feb 03, 2008





1 word ... defenentely!

"Life is ment for dreaming, dreams are ment for living"


i think they cared for each other but never really had any feelings for each other.

  • Apr 29, 2008

witch (Kiki) is a supernatural power users, they have over people's strength and power of human fear and hatred they are. In order for thousands of years, the United States Government to set up an organization, Solomon, to suppress the Witch and the protection of human beings. Kiki is a hereditary blood, but will not necessarily force awakening, the potential power of the people known as the seed, have been registered, all the time by the Solomon Organization of surveillance. Once the Witch awakening force, as long as Solomon is considered dangerous, we will hunt them. Solomon has set up a task force known as the STN, whose main task is not to accept the management of the Witch and capture the perpetrators denied. In order to enhance the combat effectiveness of STN and train a group of Witch and the seed, stationed around the world to assist the STN branch of the Witch hunt, talented girl Robin Sena thus sent to the European headquarters of the Japanese branch of the STN-J.

Traditional practice of witch hunting is the eradication of physical, but Robin found in Japan revealed that there would not object to kill, but to capture, and then to a secret organization - Curitiba special law to deal with, and call it Capture of humanity. STN-J and the use of a mysterious green liquid - Oulu Bo, it can inhibit the ability of the impact of ultra-Witch, can also be loaded pistol in the air, used as a tool for effective suppression of the Witch.

With the hunt for work, Robin's ability to significantly enhance the witch, but she also found him more and more doubts. Asian partner is the beginning of the door of his cold, according to the legend of his own former Witch Hunter is being sub-hunting of the door, if he or she will do the same fate? Later, in the face of a city wall is said to have lived for thousands of years, the Witch and her magic hands of a succession of Katha, who can reach the magic moment gasification stage. Robin was not only the results of their headquarters Solomon was judged to be dangerous predators, STN-J has also been attacked, and the abolition of the use of Oulu Bo.

Robin in the hunt to escape the STN-J partners with the help of an investigation and found that more insider. First, the Solomon Act and the Special Courier organizations are not clear, special law kuri Oulu Bo intends to continue to improve and increase effectiveness, so that ordinary people can use to Oulu Bo witch hunt, and this Solomon said that although no objection, However, there is no support for them. Robin Curry found another special law issued by King Solomon and the hunt is not just a list of objects Witch of the crime, as long as they are considered "dangerous" or "beyond the control of their own ability to" witch hunt will be, we start their own in the past The work of the doubt. With the in-depth investigation, Robin's life gradually emerge, but the accident found the mysterious source of Oulu Bo ... ...

Witch is a Witch Hunter, but in the service of humanity, the other to engage in witch hunting. The number of the world's already more of a race, the Witch equal to obliterate the other in their own demise of its kind, on the other hand, and they wish to hunt through the work of human identity, such emotional conflicts throughout the entire animation . Solomon addition, special law kuri, Japan, the conflict between the Metropolitan Police Department has been concentrated in a small STN-Japan division, making the relationship between the people become even more delicate.

  • Oct 28, 2008

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