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Hello to everyone :) as you guys probably noticed our group is not too active lately

anyway come take a look on the group we have a new layout and banner :)

our admin Machi is busy so she is not active on MT ^_^'
but in her absence we will keep the Beach Central group alive for all the fans

so I was thinking to have one or two new mods in the staff
if you think that you have enough time to stay on MT and like to write on groups..etc

then feel free to apply for the mod job (-PM ME-)
only people that show interest and are serious will be considered for promotion ;)

merged: 08-24-2007 ~ 02:13am
:) yup yup we have a new moderator I am really happy to see that people like to get involved in this project

so I want to welcome Summer67 in the staff , see people is rather easy ;)

When life gives you lemons - make a lemonade XD
Creator of: BW-TB-:-C-sW
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