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I understand many people love Kazuma, and that he's extremely popular, but I just can't bring myself to like him. In fact, I hate him. He's in fact my least favorite fictional character ever. And here I'll show you why.

First off, he kidnapped Mimori. "Kidnapping the princess" is an archetypal villain thing to do. That doesn't bother me as much as what he did after Kimishima got killed though.

Kazuma catches up to Scheris, who first off does not have an alter designed for fighting, and who never personally did anything to harm Kazuma. She gets scared and sends Dars to attack Kazuma. Kazuma shakes them off and stands in front of Scheris, physically intimidating her. He then picks her up, holds her down and presumably beats her to a pulp. What's most disgusting is that Kazuma ultimately ends up winning against HOLY in the last episode. It would have been better if him and Scheris fought a fair battle, him going easy on her because she doesn't have the fighting alter Kazuma has. Instead, he found Scheris, who was relatively helpless at the moment, and used his raw male strength to take his anger out on and dominate someone physically smaller and presumably weaker than himself. Is this really the kind of hero we look up to in the 2000s? Is this the kind of male role model today's teens and young adults look up to? If so, then something has got to change.

I find this action against the prettier, more innocent, softer people within any given "evil empire" (in this case HOLY) to be despicable. Sure, most people say "well they started it so they're worse." True, but I always hated "justified brutality" against people, especially women and children of the "evil empire," especially because these actions, no matter how heinous, are done by the "good guy," so that apparently means it's good that he did that. I have posted rallying calls against Kazuma and his actions on anime websites and found nothing but replies rationalizing and justifying his actions, as well as criticizing me of wanting

  • Sep 08, 2007

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