New Layout: Touka x Momo Kiss

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It's my 3rd userpage layout and on all my layouts I've been using CG images made by Carnelian! Though this time *coughcoughstillCarneliancough* I've used some screenshots from the anime Touka Gettan! Oh dear am I in love with this couple or am I...

I wanted to keep the layout simple, but girly. I think it turned out to be a bit too over-sharpened and the c4D in the background may not fit... I don't know.
I really wanna hear your opinions!

Credits goes to: Carnelian's World (the group) which I believe that dianas posted an .gif image, on one of the guestbook, which was a part of the Touka Gettan OP. I used an animation program to take these parts out from the animated .gif file... so credits to dianas? I guess =3

Clicky on my username! xD

[EDIT] Nevermind I changed it to something else heh ^_^'

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