First Work, Jigoku Shoujo.

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I wanna be a pop star...


This is my second wallpaper, though it feels like the first one cause it's the only one where I have used a little bit more than cut, copy and paste. Still crappy though. ^_^'
Color Spots

Comments, suggestions, ideas and constructive criticism are welcome and appreciate.

The sun will always shine for all of us.
Because God is watching over each and everyone of us.

  • Oct 14, 2007



Abomidable Snow-Woman


Hmmn.. What's with the balloon border? They're in really bad quality... It looks like it's been blurred a lot and smudged like the sun don't shine. It's kind of random compared to the sunset and the girl. I'd say take the balloon out and work on the lighting on the girl so she fits in with the background. Change the tint of the girl, or something along the lines of that. The extraction is fairly well done.

The background could use a bit work too. I don't know how, but find a way so it doesn't look like you took a photograph and smacked a picture of an anime girl on it. I suggest to play around with the program you use, or look up tutirials.

The quality isn't that good to say the least.

Sorry for so much negative critique -_-

The original and lighter version are nice, but I don't really like the black and white version.


Just so you know, MT only excepts wallpapers of 1024x768 resolution or higher

TAKE OUT THE BALLOONS. for reasons melymay have already said...
Color wise, I like the original the best.

The extraction isn't that great. You can still see the gray area around the hair. Try using the burn tool around it.

In the scan you can see some fog so try to incorporate some fog into the background. Also, since it's red, you could play around with the lighting on the girl.

In the grayscale version it becomes obvious how pixellated the scans are. Find a bigger version or consider repainting? see Paint-o-Rama for details... xD

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