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Okay so a couple of weeks ago I finished watching Gantz and found it was an awesome series, until the end. I didn't like the last mission (especially without the other two protagonists) and then at the very end I didn't get it at all. I got the mission and such, but I don't get what happened in the last few moments when Kei arrives back at his place of death or why Gantz then leaves. Does Kei actually die or what? It has been on my mind so I decided I'd ask here.
So, anyone have any ideas or solutions?

  • Oct 24, 2007

well... read the manga ^^

  • May 12, 2010

Well, in the context of the show, Copy-Kei appears to be randomly dumped in front of a train to die the same death as the original, though with no valid reason for it, except maybe spite for still surviving that last game. Then, yes, the Gantz just ups and leaves, again with no plausible explanation.

This is what we know as an epic failure of an ending due to not wanting a cliffhanger since the manga still happens to be ongoing. As is so often the case, it failed. Miserably. As TabrisX said, checking out the manga will essentially erase the things you didn't like. The last game, with the Kei hunt, was nothing like anything in the manga. In the manga, Kei's punishment is rather different, and simply results in his point total getting sucked to zero. Then new faces appear, and we get business as usual.

From there, ironically enough, is where it gets really interesting.

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