My first wallpaper(Trinity Blood) - need suggestions

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This is my first wallpaper and it's for Trinity Blood.

I drew Abel and Esther myself with some references from pics I got online then got a friend to help me scan them in (because I don't have a scanner.. :sweat: not a good thing for me..) After that i coloured it in and add details (like the lace around Esther's dress), using Photoshop 7. No extraction because my extraction skills are quite bad X-P .
Personally I think it is too blue but not sure what else I can do with Any suggestions, guys? Oh, and if anybody could point me to a good tutorial for Illustrator CS3 for beginners, thanks a lot! I got myself a trial version but it's useless because I cannot trace a picture without something going wrong. Tips about extracting would be nice too...But most of all, help me with this wallie!

Thanks, everyone! :)

This is the link to the pic.

Oh yeah, should I add like a personal signature at the bottom? Just wanna know. Would hate it if my first wallpaper gets discarded for any small reason.

Thanks again!

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It looks like you blurred the colours together. That's a big no no, especially the way you did them. I'm sure you've put a good ammount of time on the colouring, but - no offense meant by this - it looks like it's been coloured in excellently by a three year old. Your picture was nicely drawn, but since it's a wallpaper, leaving it as if it was raw of the scan isn't something you should do. You should re-outline the drawing, and redo the colouring.

As for the background... It doesn't really go with your picture. Right now, the wallpaper looks like you took you drawing and smacked it on top of an image that you were using to test out some brushes/effects. You should ask yourself a few things: what am I trying to portray? What is my wallpaper about? Does my wallpaper make sense? Did I put in enough detail?

Just to clear any confusion, let's use an example. Let's say that you want to do a christmas wallpaper. You extract an image of a girl in christmas like clothing. Then you just make a plain blue background with a few snowflakes. Now that is certainly not a background. Sure, it has a christmas related picture on it and a few snowflakes, but to a mod, that would look half-arsed and deleted almost instantly. There simply isn't enough detail. Add a few trees, clouds, etc. Make the wallpaper look like a scene. A girl at a park or a party, in the city and/or all those other things. You can't have a plain background unless you're making a really good vectored wallpaper.

When you look at your wallpaper now you should think about why you put things there. What about those random blotches of black? Or those swirly things? Why is the background two colours?

My suggestions for improvement are to make the background so that it looks like they're outside in the snow. Add some nice tree brushes, snow and a pretty sky. There always other wallpapers you can use for refrence as well.

I'm not too sure of the font, but it's pretty hard on the eyes. It looks too sharp.

Oh and the brush you used on the top left corner of your wallpaper was placed awkwardly. It should've been to the left more so you don't see where the brush ends. And a signature at the bottom would be really good idea so you can mark the wallpaper, saying that it was made by you.

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