Deletion of Tamahome and Miaka 26

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My scan "Tamahome and Miaka 26" was deleted.
Link: Tamahome and Miaka 26 by MadoshiKurefu
"This gallery entry was removed because it is a duplicate image of another scan in the gallery and your version of this scan is smaller or lower quality than the one that already exists. Higher quality images will be chosen over lower quality images. Please browse the image galleries prior to uploading images."
And instead this scan remains in the gallery: Still together, even tough we're not really *part 2* by IzumiChan
Is this a mistake or do you really think that my scan has a lower quality? ^^'

merged: 12-27-2007 ~ 07:11pm
Oh, it's restored now. Thanks. Whoever did it. =)

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