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what do you do when you attempt to kill yourself...but your friend stops you...and then your friend is you still have to keep your promise not to kill yourself

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A promise shouldn't be necessary for you to have a reason to live. You should start by making a promise to yourself that there is NOTHING in this world worth killing yourself over. Find a reason to keep living, and if you can't find one... then keep on living until you do.

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I'm sorry for your friend...

Don't live for other, I like live for me because it's my life.



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to take one's own life is their choice to do, rather people like to think differently or not is entirely up to that person...if you long for death or life you should be the one to take it, personally I don't think that should be a promise to be kept, if you live your life then trust me you will still meet said person either later in your life or in your next, all souls are tied together



I agree with angelxxuan. Life and death should be up to whoever is living that life. If someone wants to die, then it's their decision and if they truly believe there is nothing left to live for and they want to take their life, they should be able to without anyone telling them otherwise.

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hmm...thats a hard question. all i have to say is: its your life, live it to the fullest or cut it at its bud, but before you do anything think about this...
your life is not just your own. its your families, your friends, and everyone else that loves you. you may think "oh they dont like me and wont miss me" but they will. they will wake up in the morning look a picture and cry. they will wonder what if u were still alive. would u have lived a happy life? gotten stronger from your bad experiences?

i say all this cause i was in the same place you are now... my friend saved my life (hes not dead but he moved very far away and i havent seen him in 8yrs) but then after thinking and thinking i thought about those words i just gave you. and if i didnt take them to heart i wouldnt be here. getting married and having a baby...

ive had some really rough times in my short life time, things i cant bring myself to talk about them here...
but i know they made me a stronger and better person to this day and hopefully when my baby grows up and has a hard time i can help him/her through them.

beethoven, please take those words to heart and think real hard. and if you still think your life isnt worth living...then that is your choice.
and if u just need someone to talk to feel free to send me a mesage, i may not know you but sometimes thats a good thing so i can just be a lending ear.




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wow, it's just the same as one of my comic's story.
well, bcoz killing urself wouldnt solve anything-u'll lost ur life also >. thats bad- then what for? ur friend of course wants u to be alive ^^




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I'm going to piggyback on not only my own comment, but others as well. While I wanted to remain PC about the whole situation, I feel it's best to let the truth fly. If you decide to kill yourself, you are nothing but a coward. Killing yourself fixes nothing and only ends it all. Life sucks sometimes, it truly does... but nothing is worth ending it all over. Today's misfortune is not going to always last until tomorrow. Sure it may seem like I am just trying to spit an after school special message to you, but this is the truth of the matter. Accepting sadness is what allows you to be the way you are right now. Happiness just doesn't happen, you MAKE it happen. When you give up, you deprive yourself of the happiness that all you have to do is find and work towards.

Life is hard, and it sometimes sucks, but gut it out no matter what. When the world kicks you down, you get up and flip it the bird and continue on. If you feel you can't go on, find someone to lean on. If friends and family can't help, I assure you someone can. Taking the easy way out is being a coward, fight for your own future.

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i agree fully with shoujoboy. i know its cheesy but i belive it fits: When life gives u lemons u make lemon-aid. lol >< told u it was cheesy.
anyway dont take the cowardly way out. your friend wouldnt want that at all. honor his memory with you living on.

I'm not going to call you a coward, but it really isn't only you that's suffering. There are people out there who I'm sure a worse off than you. Another thing, about four of my friends commited suicide, and it's not just going to be like you never existed. The people who care or have cared for and about you will cry for you. Some never get over it. If someone is that close to you, maybe they'll take that way out too, and then another... Life doesn't just affect you, it affects everyone.
I'm not going to tell you to stay alive. You should just figure others into the equation before you make the choice.

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I've got a lot of experience in this area. I've been suicidal since I was 11 years old. Ten years. Out of those ten years, I was only put on medication for my depression for two years until I had to stop because my parents couldn't afford to pay for the pills. I'm 21 now, but in reality, I shouldn't have lived to see my 15th birthday.

I understand where you're coming from, I understand what it feels like. However, despite all that, and despite my own experience, I don't condone suicide. It's a horrible, horrible thing, not just for those of us that are suicidal, but for those close to us. We don't necessarily appreciate it when we're so blindly upset, but we hurt our families and friends.

Just keep searching, and honor the promise you made to your friend. It would honor their memory rather nicely if you did.

Quote by shoujoboyA promise shouldn't be necessary for you to have a reason to live. You should start by making a promise to yourself that there is NOTHING in this world worth killing yourself over. Find a reason to keep living, and if you can't find one... then keep on living until you do.

I do find a problem with your argument. I made a promise to my pediatrician when I was 16, that no matter how bad things got (or seemed), I wouldn't kill myself. I haven't seen her since December 2003, but right now, it's all that's keeping me here. The problem with being suicidal is that a person needs something or someone to live for, to give them a reason and a purpose in life. Without a reason, without a purpose, the suicidal person sees no real meaning in his or her life.

Another part of finding a reason to live is how long that something (or someone) stays in their life. When you lose something, it's a kick in the gut, but for someone who's suicidal, it's 100x worse. The chances of finding something just as good as what was lost aren't too great either, and I speak from experience. Clearly, you don't understand just how hard it is just to find something or someone worth living for.

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You should keep your promise to not kill yourself. If you don't your friend died for nothing.

Do what you want.

its your life and u can do wateva with it.. but it is a waste to just throw it away.. you only live once... make the best out of it..



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I feel you need ot think it over and not just go over the deep end.

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i'm alive ;x

Live today is a thing when the days come,become more hard to do.
I Think live is important to the peoples we love,but this is a situation if you have to think so much

nyuu *-*

dont ever think of committing suicide

make use of what you have currently.. focus on the present with the past to guide you and the future to look forward to..

Well I personally don't like to kill or harm myself, but if that reaally happen then it will onl strengthen my view on the matter.

Life is short enough already,but then again you will think differently if you have miserable life.

no you don't because either way your going to die

if you can't seem to find a reason to live or you just don't feeling like living anymore; but you can't go back on your words, contact the hospital, an mediacal university or the organ bank or some of the sort - I think that's what they call it, place to store organs for patients who need operation to replace some parts of their bodies or so, my vocabulary is not very good. At least if you decide to throw your life - which was saved by the poor guy under the bravestone - others who truely want to live on might have more chances and hopes.
well, just a suggestion for the solution

Suicide is the most selfish thing in the world. If you are thinking about Suicide you are depressed and there are ways to treat it.



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Live for the sake of your friend.

Your friend cared for you a lot. The best way to honor their memory is to keep living your life to it's fullest. I know feeling depressed and suicidal feels like a dark pit you will never get out of. But you can always keep the good memories of your friend close and believe they are watching you from where ever they have gone now. That way you are never truly alone.

of course that you have to keep your promise because nobody has the right to kill one self, life does not belongs to anyone but God...

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