Amu and ikuto

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What should amu do about how to save ikuto?

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or yes she should save ikuto
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Or maybe so
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All I want you to answer me is that should amu save ikuto from dying a death or should amu save him from being taking over by his step father by a bell thingy that is use in the music world for the embory that his father want from him or from other kids egg that he wants the embor that can grant any kind of wish you want to ask from it. [img=The lock and key]The lock and the key[/img]

What I think is that amu should save ikuto from his step father T_T and amu should learn about ikutos life and what kind of sad fate that left ikuto all alone in the world and learn more about him before you make up your mined about ikuto.


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It'd be really helpful if you actually gave people the name of the anime or manga so people actually know what the heck it is your talking about.

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